3 ways to repurpose your baby’s old clothes

Getting ready for baby means stocking up on all the clothes that you might need to help him or her be the most stylish little one in the neighborhood, but even newborns are known to grow out of their clothes at a rapid pace. If you're a first time mother, this can mean constantly having to cycle through different attire, and while this can be costly, it also leaves another question looming: What becomes of all this old baby clothing you have lying around?For most moms, the fail-safe …

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3 eating habits to avoid during pregnancy

Eating for two? Think again. As a first time mother, you probably have the urge to overindulge on a wide range of mouthwatering meals, but the fact is, if you don't watch what you eat - even while you're in the third trimester of your pregnancy - there's a pretty good chance you could end up having a difficult time taking off that weight once the baby's been born.It's easy to get caught up in your cravings when you're lugging a basketball underneath your …

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4 great ways to dress up your bump for Halloween

The spookiest time of the year is officially in full swing, and while you may be busy getting ready for baby, the fact is, there's no better season for celebrating your growing bump than Halloween!From a devilishly sleek ensemble to a scary mummy costume, there's no shortage of fun-filled getups that you can rock during this time of year. However, if you really want to be a scream at your Halloween gatherings this year, you might want to consider some of the horrifyingly radiant …

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5 tips to make traveling easier during pregnancy

As your bump grows bigger and bigger, chances are your dreams of foreign adventures or sojourns to other parts of the country will diminish considerably. It's not that a vacation isn't needed - in fact, at many points during pregnancy, it may feel much-deserved - the fact is, most mothers-to-be have bigger things on their minds than a trip, like getting ready for baby.But during pregnancy, some trips are non-negotiable, like a planned stay at a relative's house. This can be a …

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5 early pregnancy signs to watch out for

For some women, getting pregnant naturally can take a mix of hard work, planning and diligence. While for some, conceiving may be an easy process, for others, it can take time and patience.When it comes to a first time mother, there are┬áplenty of signs to watch out for with pregnancy, but the following are five that are easy to overlook or confuse with other things. Are you mistaking some of these early signs for another health issue? Consider this list of the five most commonly overlooked …

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5 tips for bathing your baby

Giving birth can be an incredible experience that is unlike anything you'll ever have again - unless you deliver another child into the world, that is!But for first time mothers, the feelings of intense happiness that come after several difficult trimesters of carrying a baby can be overwhelming, but so can all the tasks that need to be done to ensure that a little one is properly cared for!One of the big tasks you'll need to master quickly is the proper way to give …

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Identical or fraternal twins: What’s the big difference, anyway?

You already know that having a baby is about to turn your world upside down, but what happens when you discover that you're pregnant with twins?This discovery can be the stuff of great excitement among your family members, but it can also just as easily be a source of shock and downright anxiety for you, especially if you weren't even planning for a baby in the first place!Having twins - and even figuring out what the big difference is between having an identical or fraternal set - …

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5 things new moms do that their non-mom friends hate

As a first time mother, every coo your little one makes is sure to send a flutter of warmth and love surging through your heart. And while this is totally natural - and in fact, inescapable - the hard truth is that while your baby may have you and your partner utterly enraptured, he or she may not be as exciting to your single friends who may not have children.So how can you tell if you're starting to morph from a hip, cool and still completely interesting adult who just happens to have a …

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Bump watch: Jennifer Love Hewitt braces for motherhood

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt - who rose to fame as the teen star of the 1997 film "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and later appeared in the hit television series "The Ghost Whisperer" - recently made headlines when she announced that she's currently expecting her first child.For Hewitt, 34, who is equally well-known for her string of high-profile ex-loves - including television personality Carson Daly and actor Jamie Kennedy - the announcement of her pregnancy …

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Homemade or store-bought baby food: Which is better?

As a first time mother or even as a single mother, you may find yourself wondering if the quality of food that you're giving to your child is really all that it could be.While breastfeeding can be a great way to provide youngsters with all the nutrients that they need to develop in a healthy way, as babies are weaned, you may struggle with a few questions, specifically about whether it's better to make your own baby food or purchase it from a store.Even if you haven't given birth …

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