Week 39: Woah baby!

You're just one week away from your due date and have probably reached the point where the only thing you want is to be on your way to delivery. Trust us, we get it and we totally understand. It's been a long journey to get to milestone and your patience is probably wearing thin as you're feeling enormous. Your changing lifeFalse labor is a common pregnancy symptom at this stage. The pain typically starts in the front of your body and will dissipate when you …

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Week 37: Watch for labor

You've reached week 37 and your baby is officially considered full term. That means that if you were to go into labor right now, he or she will have developed most of the body's crucial functions. While you're reaching the point in your pregnancy where you just want baby to be here already, be patient. Do what you can to enjoy these last few weeks sans child with your partner, take long naps (because they won't come frequently in the near future!).Your changing …

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Week 36: Nesting, waddling and decorating

Now that you've reached week 36, you've only got a few more weeks left in this exciting journey until baby finally makes his or her debut! Your changing lifeAt this point in your pregnancy, you're visiting the doctor weekly and may even start dilating. This is common right now as your body prepares for delivery. There's a lot that's starting to change for your body during these last few weeks. Right before labor begins, you'll have the sudden …

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Week 38: Bumpin’ pumpkin!

With just two weeks to go, you're nearly there! The realization that you're going to have a baby soon is setting in and you're more anxious than you've ever been to meet your little one. Although there isn't too much excitement in these last couple of weeks, the biggest things you need to look out for are signs of labor. Baby has been considered full term for a week now, so if you were to deliver there likely wouldn't be much of an issue. Your changing …

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What you’ll love – and hate – about pregnancy

Being pregnant is a big chapter in your life, but we'll be honest: not all of it's sunshine and rainbows. There are times when you'll find that you could be pregnant forever and times when you'll hate it. One of the most amazing parts of being pregnant is when you get to feel those little kicks. You may not realize what they are at first because they kind of feel like little butterflies, but eventually you and your partner will be able to see …

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Pregnancy trimesters: Your definitive guide

Pregnancy is a 40-week journey starting from the first day of your last period. For most first-time moms, that nine month adventure can sometimes last a little longer since it can take your body a while to get things going. First trimesterYour first trimester is from week 1 through week 12. This is when you'll have morning sickness, mood swings, extreme fatigue and find yourself running to the bathroom more frequently. And when we say you're going to be tired, we really mean …

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The 6 most annoying pregnancy pet peeves

Although you're still in the early stages of your pregnancy, you'll find that some pet peeves may already be starting to settle in. You don't really realize just how annoying some of these things are until they happen. Whether it's rubbing your belly without asking or commenting on how much weight it looks like you've gained, you're sure to find your buttons being pushed at some point. 6 pet peeves you'll undoubtedly encounter during …

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9 common pregnancy myths debunked

There's a lot of truth and myth mixed in with all of the information and advice you'll receive throughout your pregnancy, and sometimes it can be difficult to keep fact from fiction separated. We're here to let you in on the secret and tell you which myths - and what you've been told to do about them - actually hold any truth. 9 common pregnancy myths (and a truth!)Spicy foods: You've been told which foods to avoid during pregnancy, but the tip …

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9 pieces of parenting advice you’ll be glad you heard

When people find out you're pregnant, they're more than willing to hand out parenting advice - whether you want it or not. But in some instances, the tips they give is more helpful than you could have ever imagined. Sure, you're going to go out and buy all the pregnancy books you can, probably as soon as you start taking your prenatal vitamins, but sometimes there's nothing like a few tips here and there from the people who matter most. It's never too …

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7 unexpected side effects you may experience during your pregnancy

There are pregnancy symptoms that every one knows about - like morning sickness and fatigue - but did you know that women experience some that are uncommon and even weird? You probably haven't heard about these symptoms a lot because they're really not that glamorous. Some doctors don't bother mentioning them because they aren't that common and don't pose a health risk to you or your baby. 7 weird pregnancy side effectsYou may not be …

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