9 pieces of parenting advice you’ll be glad you heard

When people find out you're pregnant, they're more than willing to hand out parenting advice - whether you want it or not. But in some instances, the tips they give is more helpful than you could have ever imagined. Sure, you're going to go out and buy all the pregnancy books you can, probably as soon as you start taking your prenatal vitamins, but sometimes there's nothing like a few tips here and there from the people who matter most. It's never too …

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7 unexpected side effects you may experience during your pregnancy

There are pregnancy symptoms that every one knows about - like morning sickness and fatigue - but did you know that women experience some that are uncommon and even weird? You probably haven't heard about these symptoms a lot because they're really not that glamorous. Some doctors don't bother mentioning them because they aren't that common and don't pose a health risk to you or your baby. 7 weird pregnancy side effectsYou may not be …

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6 birthing options and tips on how you can decide which one’s best for you

Nine months seems like a long time, but your due date will be here before you know it. You may not even be thinking about delivery at this point since you're most likely just finding the right prenatal vitamins that don't make your morning sickness worse, but with so many choices available you may want to start thinking about it sooner rather than later. Before you can decide on the birthing option that's best for you, sit down with your partner and talk things over. …

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7 truths you’ll uncover during your baby’s first year

You start preparing for motherhood the moment you find out you're pregnant. From delivery to your little one's first birthday, you may be asking yourself "how am I going to survive all of this?" We won't lie - being a mother is one difficult job, but a job that you'll adapt to and figure out as it happens. It's impossible to plan for everything at once, and learning how to go with the flow will be your new plan of action. 7 things …

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The moments I’ve enjoyed most as a new mom

Being a mom is filled with ups and downs. From snuggling your newborn to sleepless nights, a mother's duty never ends - even after everyone else has gone to bed. But it seems that no matter how tired you are or how bad you smell because you can't remember the last time you took a shower, these moments are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When your little one is all grown up, you'll want moments like these all over again. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to …

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I’m a new mom. Here’s what surprised me!

When I found out I was pregnant, there were millions of things that started running through my mind, but the biggest worry I had was the fact that I lived five hours away from any of our family. My boyfriend is in chiropractic school and I moved to Chicago to be with him after I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. We always knew we'd have children one day, we just didn't think it would be until after we moved back home. But life happens and we didn't want to let …

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When did you first feel your baby move? Our Facebook readers weigh in

One of the most anticipated moments of being pregnant is when you get to feel your little bundle of joy squirm around in your belly for the first time. Although it can sometimes be hard to decipher those first little kicks because they often just seem like butterflies fluttering around, it's a feeling that's truly unlike any other.What many people don't realize is that even though you may not be noticing any movement at first, fetuses, on average, move once a …

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6 things pregnant women don’t want to hear

Although you're still in the early stages of pregnancy, it probably wouldn't hurt to start preparing now to hear some bothersome things throughout the next nine months. Not only will you seemingly get bigger by the day as you get further down the road to baby, you're going to get more uncomfortable. Things pregnant women don't want to hearIn addition to your baby belly growing bigger, hormones are also running rampant through your body. Things that you would …

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Did you recently find out you’re pregnant? Here’s what you can expect during the first trimester

If you've just found out that you're pregnant, congratulations! There's so much ahead of you that you're likely excited and maybe even a little scared about. The first trimester of pregnancy is from week one to the end of week 12. Your due date is an estimated date that is 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. Common changes during the first trimesterYou'll notice that your body begins changing during the first trimester, and these are some of …

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Having a hard time remembering? Blame it on pregnancy brain

During your pregnancy, you may find that you're spacing out on things that you would normally never forget about. Rather than being able to run out the door to do some quick errands, you're stopping in your tracks because you can't quite remember everything you needed to buy. The reason behind all of this is pregnancy brain, and yes, it's a real thing. Your friends and family have likely already warned you that you'll start to get a little foggy as your …

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