Why isn’t sugar good for newborn preparation?

It's not always easy to eat a balanced diet when pregnancy cravings abound, but for the sake of the baby, an effort should be made to limit your sugar intake. Yes, this is the time in your life when 300 extra daily calories is not only appropriate, but encouraged. However, be aware that your baby is eating whatever you eat, so try to cut back on anything that might be detrimental to your newborn's health.  CNN noted that sugar is actually necessary for the body to function - but …

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Natural pregnancy tips: 5 things to avoid when trying to conceive

Get ready to read a lot of labels and give up a few vices, because there are some things you should avoid when getting ready for baby.It should be noted that not everything detrimental to fertility can be avoided 100 percent. But cutting some toxins out of your life may just be the advantage you need to conceive.1. Phthalates The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that phthalates are chemicals that make plastic flexible, but also hard to break. They can be found in a variety …

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How to get pregnant naturally if you have polycystic ovaries

A recent study released a tip for women with polycystic ovaries on how to get pregnant naturally. According to the researchers, the simple timing of meals may improve the chances of conceiving for women with polycystic ovaries.The report noted that fertility is hindered in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome because the condition affects women's menstruation, hormones, ovulation and other processes that impact childbearing. The syndrome is closely linked with insulin production, …

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First time mother Hilaria Baldwin to give birth within the week

Hilaria Baldwin, best known for being married to actor Alec Baldwin, is due to give birth to a baby girl any day now. The 29-year-old yoga instructor and Baldwin have been fairly Instagram-happy, posting plenty of pics of them getting ready for baby. As is to be expected from someone of her profession, Hilaria has kept fit throughout her pregnancy through low-impact exercise. And while she looks ready to pop, the soon-to-be mom has been pulling off comfy-looking but chic maternity clothes …

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The best maternity clothes from Kate Middleton’s royal closet

Can first time mother Kate Middleton do no wrong? Her maternity clothes certainly didn't disappoint - the Duchess' outfits were as fantastic as ever, and perfectly suited her bump. Moms-to-be can draw some inspiration from Kate's wardrobe, even if their public appearances are less, well, publicized. Pre-baby style What was perhaps most striking about the lovely Kate's maternity wardrobe is that it wasn't a far cry from her outfit rotation pre-George. She …

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Natural pregnancy tips: Is a gluten-free diet the way to go?

There are some natural pregnancy tips that everyone knows, such as timing intercourse during ovulation to increase your chances of conceiving. But did you know that cutting out gluten might actually help you conceive?Gluten-free diets, or diets without wheat, are taken on for a variety of reasons. You might have a gluten intolerance and need to cut out the croissants, or maybe you're ditching the donuts as a means of losing weight. The less-heard-of upside to a gluten-free diet is …

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Megan Fox no longer first time mother, second child on the way!

Megan Fox is going to be an old pro at the baby-making game! The sexy starlet just announced that her first son, Noah Shannon, will get a little brother or sister in no time. Fox, who is best known for her roles in films such as "Transformers" and "Jennifer's Body," married fellow actor Brian Austin Green in 2010 after a six-year courtship. She became a first time mother when they had Noah in 2012. Noah is Brian's second son - he also has Kassius …

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Kate Winslet is getting ready for baby on set

British actress Kate Winslet, who has charmed audiences in films like "Titanic" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," is taking on a familiar role as a mom! But Winslet is anything but a first time mother - the silver screen star already has two great kids, Mia and Joe. Daughter Mia and son Joe are from previous marriages, and this new bundle of joy is with Winslet's current husband, Ned Rocknroll. They made the announcement in early June, less than a year …

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Sex drive after birth: Advice for first time mothers

A recent study looked at the average libido of new dads and first time mothers, and found that stress and fatigue can, understandably, drastically affect sex lives post-baby. However, researchers also found that new parents will experience "sexual highs" given the limited free time they have to be intimate.The report noted that while the common belief is that sexual disinterest after birth stems from a lack of attraction or breast-feeding status, it's more because new parents are just plain …

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6 natural pregnancy tips for help conceiving

When it comes to getting ready for baby, oftentimes the hardest part is just getting pregnant in the first place!For women who are struggling to conceive, the path to having a little guy or gal can often be unclear and, at certain moments, downright frustrating. As women work to get pregnant, the roadblocks they may encounter can seem too tough to overcome, and while this is certainly an issue, it's not impossible to push these challenges aside.If you've been struggling to get pregnant …

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