Stylish Fergie shows off her baby bump in rocker fashions

Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson made headlines a few months ago when the "Big Girls Don't Cry" songstress announced that she's expecting her first child with actor-hubby Josh Duhamel.Ferguson, 38, who is also a member of the hit pop group the Black Eyed Peas, has since been the subject of media scrutiny for her eye-catching and distinctively stylish maternity clothes - even though the blonde beauty insists she's not wearing any yet!"I haven't gone to …

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4 wacky ways to predict your baby’s sex

Whether you're expecting your first baby or you're an old pro at the baby waiting game, the fact is, there's nothing more exciting than discovering what the gender of your little one is going to be.Over the course of the nine months that you'll spend waiting for his or her arrival, it's likely that you'll feel your anticipation mount with each passing trimester.But even if you're tough enough to hold out for the duration of your pregnancy without forcing the …

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What are you doing with your baby’s cord blood?

When a baby's on his or her way, there are no shortage of resources for single mothers or those who have long-term, committed partners by their sides for planning the labor and delivery.However, there are also other things that women need to keep in mind when they're getting ready for baby, and that can include deciding whether or not to donate your baby's cord blood, which comes from a newborn's umbilical cord and placenta.Choosing whether or not to make this decision can …

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Can what you eat during pregnancy affect whether your baby has autism?

Women who are getting ready for baby understand how essential it is to eat properly, as practicing good nutrition habits can guarantee that babies receive all the vitamins and minerals they need for healthy development.However, a recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that moms-to-be should be especially vigilant about the kinds of foods they eat during pregnancy because it could impact whether or not their children are born with autism."Our results …

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Baby name trend: Boy names for baby girls

From baby Maxwell Drew to the arrival of little Lincoln, traditionally masculine names being used for baby girls has surged in popularity over the last year, and continue to be a growing trend among the Hollywood elite.For some parents, especially new moms about to give birth to a first child, using a classic male name for a little girl can seem straight up wacky!Yet can such gender-friendly monikers actually be a versatile choice for your baby girl, especially as she gets older and …

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Tips for single mother support during the summer

As the dog days of summer stretch on, afternoons spent splashing in the pool or biking in the warm sun can keep kids occupied for hours at a time and help those in search of single mother support feel a sense of relief.However, for women who are also expecting a new little one, the stress of juggling workplace and household demands can often be immense. With kids around more often because school is out of session, mothers can feel the strain in more ways than one.With these helpful tips, women …

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Jessica Simpson gives birth to second son Ace Knute

"Fashion Star" judge and hit pop singer Jessica Simpson has finally bid adieu to her baby bump and hello to another stack of diapers, because her newest addition has arrived at last!Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson - former Yale grad student and NFL player - welcomed their second child, baby boy Ace Knute Johnson, on June 30.For Simpson, who rose to fame as the star of the hit reality show "Newlyweds" with ex-hubby Nick Lachey, the birth of little Ace Knute comes just a …

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3 tips for surviving a summer pregnancy

Getting ready for baby can take a toll on women, especially when all that hard work is being done during the summertime!For ladies who are pregnant or even expecting a first child, carrying around a baby bump during the warmer months of the year can take a tremendous physical toll and be difficult to deal with, particularly as the mercury keeps on rising."Pregnant women already have some degree of heat intolerance," Adelaide Nardone, M.D., medical advisor to the Vagisil Women's …

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Kim Kardashian delivers first child, North West

It seems like all signs point one way for television personality Kim Kardashian and her rapper beau Kanye West: North!The happy pair welcomed their first child, a daughter, on June 15 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. And while their little girl has some big shoes to fill given the fame of both her parents, it looks like she's already learned a thing or two about how to make an entrance!West, 36, and Kardashian, 32, have christened their daughter North West. This …

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Build up your bump with iron supplements

Getting ready for baby can definitely be a challenge for expectant moms, and the months leading up to the arrival of a little guy or gal can make the anticipation that much greater. Doing everything that you can to stay healthy can ensure that your tot has plenty of strength after the delivery, and can help get your relationship off to a wonderful start.From eating right to taking a variety of nutritional supplements, pregnant women have lots of things to juggle during each trimester, and …

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