Think you might be pregnant? Look out for these early pregnancy signs

The most tell-tale sign of being pregnant is missing your period, but there are other signs that may pop up to give you the heads up that your adventure to motherhood is about to begin. Early pregnancy signs  Look out for some of these early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period when it's still too early to take a test: Shortness of breath: When your baby is growing, your body needs even more oxygen to keep up. As a result, you may find that you're short on …

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Prenatal vitamins: important to the health of your baby

As soon as you get to your first OB/GYN appointment, your doctor is going to tell you to get on prenatal vitamins.  Why do I need prenatal vitamins?  You'll need to not only eat a healthy diet during your pregnancy, but you'll need these vitamins to ensure that any nutritional gaps are fulfilled. Of course, you aren't intentionally leaving healthy food out of your diet but there are some vitamins you need extra of that you may not have always been aware …

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What you need to know about a first trimester screening

If your OB/GYN hasn't already talked to your about your first trimester screening, then you can expect to have the discussion soon while you're still in the early stages of pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, this evaluation is optional and noninvasive.For the test, a practitioner will use the results of a maternal blood sample as well as an ultrasound of your baby to determine the risk you have of delivering a child with specific abnormalities such as Down syndrome/trisomy 21 …

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Having a baby is expensive! How are you saving?

You're excited about having a baby, but worries about how you'll afford it are starting to rain on your parade. We all know babies are expensive, but you never really grasp just how much of a hole they'll burn in your pocket until they're here.According to the Department of Agriculture, a child can cost you upwards of $240,000 by the time they turn 18 - woah! Don't let this number scare you, though. If you're saving in the right ways, you can make it …

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The low-down on morning sickness and why you’re not the only one that hates it

It sometimes hits you before you even know you're pregnant - morning sickness. And it's exactly what everyone told you it is. That awful, not being able to eat, constantly-running-to-the-bathroom-to-puke feeling.You may be wondering, "when does morning sickness start?" Well, it's often one of the early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period, and often appears during the sixth week (or third week after conception).Despite it's name, morning sickness can actually …

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Moms you’ll meet in the maternity ward and beyond

No matter where you go, you'll always run into "that" mom. The one who's over-protective, annoying or downright strange. But you'll also meet moms that are funny, outgoing and more than happy to lend you advice when you ask for it.Moms you'll love, and those you'll want to avoid When you're in the maternity ward and even after you leave, there are several kinds of moms that you'll get to meet:The perfect mom: This is the woman that you don't …

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Turned off by stretch marks? Here are some tips to prevent them

Although you're still in the early stages of your pregnancy, you've probably had a few questions come to mind - "How big am I going to get?" "How bad is labor going to hurt?"But there's likely another topic that you're probably thinking about that's leading to an entirely new set of questions - stretch marks."Is there anyway to prevent them?" "Can I make them go away if I do get them?Stretch marks are caused by rapid stretching of the …

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5 things I would do differently as a new mom

As a new mom, you don't always know what to expect or quite grasp just how much your life is going to change once your little one gets here. You've got family and friends, with the best intentions, giving you advice and telling you how to handle different situations. While the advice is great, although not always warranted, you have to find yourself as a mother, caretaker and provider to your little bundle of joy. You'll soon find that picking up a routine and finding your …

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7 reasons to eat dark chocolate during pregnancy

The thought of cravings during this early stage of pregnancy has likely already crossed your mind.You've probably told yourself, "No, I won't indulge." But we've got news for you - eat up!Dark chocolate is one of the most tasty treats you can find, and now that you're a mom-to-be, you've got every reason in the world to take a bite.7 reasons to eat dark chocolate The generous amounts of theobromine in dark chocolate will help to relax your muscles and dilate …

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I’m glad pregnancy is over: 3 things I won’t miss

"You're positively glowing!"You might have heard this phrase a few times during the nine months your newborn was steadily growing inside of you. While this period is one many women enjoy for different reasons, there's certain things that almost no woman misses once she's gone through labor. Here are just three:Morning sickness Foods you love no longer taste as good, and some may even make you nauseous: welcome to your first trimester. Along with your taste buds having …

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