3 childbirth myths: Busted!

Let's call a spade a spade: When it comes to childbirth, Hollywood almost always gets it wrong. If your knowledge of labor and delivery is largely informed by what you've seen on the big screen, then you're in for a surprise or two. Here are some of the biggest myths about giving birth that movies perpetuate: Myth No. 1: Labor begins with your water breaking We all know the scene: A woman and her partner are out shopping. One minute she's absolutely fine, and the next she's looking wide-eyed …

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The pregnant woman’s guide to BBQ safety

From floppy sun hats to sandals, the signs of summer are all around us. With this deliciously sunny season comes one more reason to celebrate: The backyard barbecue. But before you enjoy another grill-fest with your friends, take a moment to read up on important prenatal safety measures. Keep you and your little one safe from harm by raising an eyebrow to these barbecue treats: Hot dogs Hot dogs and deli meats may be contaminated with a harmful bacteria called listeria. For most cases, …

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Baby blues: Study finds sufferers have a history of depression

When it comes to pregnancy and new motherhood, we blame hormonal shifts for their fair share of uncomfortable symptoms. Surging hormone levels are at the root of everything from morning sickness to back pain to insomnia. But now, a new report out from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute finds that postpartum depression and the baby blues have less to do with fluctuating hormones than we previously thought.The study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, followed 2,000 women …

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5 annoying things to expect from family, friends during pregnancy

Morning sickness, an aching back and tearful episodes - these are the hallmarks of pregnancy. As moms-to-be, we suffer through these symptoms, knowing full well they come with the territory. But what comes as a surprise during these nine months? How little patience and understanding our fellow members of the human race can garner. If you're newly pregnant, heed this advice: Dealing with people while you're expecting is a whole different ballgame. From your mother to your friends to the cashier …

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4 tips for snacking like a pregnancy pro

During pregnancy, there can be no worse feeling than getting caught in a lurch without a snack. Small, light meals can be lifesavers in staving off morning sickness, keeping weight gain in check and ensuring your energy levels stay strong throughout the day. But not all snacks are created equal - especially for moms-to-be. Consider this your ultimate guide to snacking until delivery day. Remember the golden rule Whoever thought up and perpetuated the age-old pregnancy maxim that expectant …

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Your pregnancy diet, your baby and asthma

Worried about chronic illness befalling your little one? What you eat now, when you're expecting, can help strengthen your baby's immunity and ward off certain diseases later in life. How's that for motivation to put down the powdered donut and reach for the veggie drawer?A new report published in the journal Nature Communications suggests that a mom-to-be who eats a high-fiber diet can help her offspring stave off asthma. This illness is incurable, but it's also treatable. …

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Pregnancy to-do: Build a baby budget

Pregnant? Your next year is bound to be full of joy, excitement and dollar signs. According to a 2013 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, the average baby costs new parents around $12,800 for the first year. But before you break into a cold sweat, stop and make a plan. Budgeting for your little one can help you navigate these pricey waters - and keep stress and frustration to a minimum. Here are some major child-related expenses to consider when planning your baby budget:ChildbirthGiving …

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6 sweet gifts that say ‘Welcome to fatherhood’

While you're the one with the burgeoning baby belly and tiresome symptoms, it's easy to forget that dad has a role in the pregnancy experience too. He attends all of your prenatal appointments, squeezing your hand with glee at the sound of that tiny heartbeat. He's reading parenting books on the sly and researching the safest car seat around. If you're really lucky, he's rubbing your aching back, too. Let him know how much you value his partnership and support with a …

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How to Handle Women’s Emotions (And Men’s)

Women's emotional mobility is profound. But most men are responding in exactly the wrong way and turning precious moments of vulnerability into belabored experiences of suffering and conflict. Women often aren't much better at being with our vulnerability. Collectively it leads to relationships where both partners aren't sharing their inner worlds. The resulting isolation and disappointment causes countless relationships to go dead and often end in divorce. But with a few simple steps …

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Science says ‘Moms, eat your veggies’

A new report of nursing moms comes with a call-to-action: Eat your veggies. In this paper, published in the journal PLOS ONE and led by Purdue University, researchers studied the nutritional makeup of breast milk from moms in the U.S., Mexico and China."Studying the composition of human milk is one of the best guides we have for determining optimal nutrition intake for infants," nutrition professor Mario Ferruzzi told Medical News Today.The results of this study's findings? …

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