1 Key to being a Great Mom

Women's natural instincts to be great moms can unfortunately lead to a real imbalance in the family and cause a lot of unnecessary suffering. So often in today's homes, the women are overburdened with parenting responsibilities while the men feel like second class parents. Fortunately, it's quite possible to prevent this painful dynamic and support your family to thrive. This week's video shows the mom's what they can do to help their half of the equation. Watch more including the …

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Pilates in Pregnancy with Bree Turner

Like prenatal yoga, Pilates can help you connect with your body during pregnancy—and reduce your aches and pains. A system of strengthening and stretching exercises created nearly 100 years ago, Pilates is a complete workout that concentrates on your “powerhouse”—the stomach, hips, lower back, and buttocks—where your body needs to be strongest to support a growing baby and maintain good posture. Pilates also improves flexibility and tones the pelvic floor, helping you stay fit and get …

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The 4 sex surprises of pregnancy

Giving all new meaning to the phrase pregnant pause, these four surprises may prompt you to put a pin in your sex life for now. But you don't have to. If you have your doctor's OK to proceed, then don't let these situations keep you and your partner from hitting the sheets. Cramps That orgasm may come with a downside. During pregnancy, climaxing during sex may bring on mild uterine contractions which can feel similar to menstrual cramps. While it may be uncomfortable, there's usually …

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Your safe pregnancy exercise checklist

Once upon a time, pregnant moms were told to keep off their feet and avoid exercise, but today’s experts say quite the contrary. “Exercise is great. I recommend it,” says Barbara Dehn, a nurse practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area with more than 20 years experience.Walking is a good mom-to-be workout, but marathon runners and other fitness fans need not downsize to strolling, Dehn says. Here are a few pregnancy exercise guidelines to keep in mind:You sweat more …

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Good eats: 6 perfect foods for your pregnancy!

Eating right during pregnancy can be daunting, especially when you have to master a restricted menu and battle morning sickness. Just ask Mara Palcisco of Loveland, OH.When she learned she was pregnant, the systems engineer happily gave up her Tuesday night wine-and-sushi dinners with the girls from work. But while Palcisco’s ob/gyn provided a list of forbidden foods, the doctor was vague about what she should eat. So Palcisco often doubted her choices. And during the first trimester, …

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Preeclampsia and chocolate

Chocoholics REJOICE! Good news for your sweet tooth: Chocolate—particularly dark chocolate—can reduce your risk of preeclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.Researchers at Yale University in New Haven, CT, found that pregnant women who ate more than five servings of chocolate weekly were 40 percent less likely to develop preeclampsia than women who ate chocolate less than once a week. What’s more, when the researchers tested cord …

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Get Your Pregnancy Diet Right

Kate Hanley of Brooklyn, NY, knew that pregnancy and weight gain go hand-in-hand, so it came as no surprise when she gained 30 pounds before giving birth to her daughter, Lillian.Still, Hanley admits, “I was nervous about gaining tons of weight when I was pregnant. I made sure that the extra calories I consumed were fairly healthy and I tried not to let being pregnant be an excuse to eat whatever I wanted—but when I was really jonesing for a cookie, I definitely had …

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For a smarter baby, try nausea

Is the secret to healthier, smarter offspring at the bottom of the toilet bowl? Science seems to think so. New research suggests that one of the most uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms - that daily nausea and vomiting - may have a silver lining after all.Morning sickness is the most common pregnancy ailment, afflicting more than 85 percent of expectant mothers. While no one's sure what exactly causes this daily suffering, doctors and midwives attribute it to a surge in pregnancy hormones …

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The great pregnancy detox

Pollution, pesticides and a host of chemicals - let's count these among the items to ditch during pregnancy. Throughout our daily lives, we come into contact with a world of toxins that may have adverse effects on our health - not to mention that of our unborn children. Take your pregnancy as the perfect opportunity to clean up your act with simple and sustainable moves even the laziest among us can stick to. Here's how:Lemon power: As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, start …

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7 ways to survive pregnancy bed rest

In the rush of our daily lives, the thought of mandated bed rest sounds like a dream: No more alarm clocks, harried mornings or rush hour traffic - and your office job? Just forget about it! But when your doctor orders you to stay in bed, it won't be long before the reality of your confinement comes crashing in. Here's how to battle the monotony of a pregnancy bed rest:1. Reach out: Just because you can't step foot outside, doesn't mean you have to cut ties with the outside world. Bring …

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