Move it! Your guide to keeping fit throughout pregnancy

What keeps your heart healthy, your spirits high and your weight in-check? Exercise. Now with a baby on the way, physical activity is more important than ever. Here's what you need to know before you hit the gym:Why it mattersAs long as you have a healthy pregnancy and get your doctor's permission, a regular and gentle exercise routine can help ease a host of uncomfortable symptoms. When you get moving, you can expect the following:A good night's sleepA boost to your self …

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Placenta, it’s what’s for dinner: What you should know

For even the most adventurous eaters among us, there may be one item on the menu that raises an eyebrow - the human placenta. Yet, thanks to some press from celebrity moms, more pregnant women are considering adding their afterbirth to their postpartum diets. Here's what you should know before you sign up to take your placenta home.The back storyThe placenta is an organ that grows inside the uterus during pregnancy. Essentially, it's your baby's lifeline - allowing the passage of …

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The pregnant woman’s guide to sharing her news at work

So you're ready to shout your news about your pregnancy from the rooftops? Slow down. How you break the news to your boss can impact your job for the better - or worse. Take our tips to heart to ensure you come across as professional and responsible no matter how giddy you are to take a leave.Choose a time: This one's a personal choice that depends on the nature of your work, your relationship with your boss and how well you're feeling. If your job exposes you to harmful …

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Breaking news: Study suggests the more fish, the better during pregnancy

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this week gives fish-lovers new hope during pregnancy. For years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cautioned expectant mothers against consuming more than two servings of fish per week. This advice is meant to keep developing babies safe from the effects of mercury, a toxic chemical that's found its way into our oceans and waterways. But now, after three decades of research by Rochester Ulster University in …

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Stock up for less: 4 items every pregnant woman can cut from her shopping list

When it comes to preparing for a new baby, there are some non-negotiable items you really need. You're going to need diapers, for one, and a safe, new car seat. But there are plenty of things you can either do without or buy later as your budget allows. Save money now by holding off on purchasing these items:CribA baby crib can be a big ticket item, but it's also not something you need right away. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that new parents room-share with their …

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3 ways to get over your fear of labor right now

You've experienced the many joys of pregnancy: You've enjoyed every ultrasound, bought the tiny adorable clothes and spent hours daydreaming about your sweet little one. But now that your nine months are coming to an end, you find yourself in a tailspin of fear. Maybe you're worried about the pain, the potential for surgery or just how you'll keep up your strength.To all those fears, we say stop! It's perfectly normal to be nervous about such a big event - …

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6 healthy tips for keeping toxins out of your baby’s nursery

When your nesting instinct kicks in during pregnancy and you have an itch to overhaul your pad, give special thought to how you'll decorate the nursery. With all the new paint, carpeting and furniture you have on your shopping list, you may be bringing in something you didn't bargain for - an upwards of 300 toxic chemicals. Here's how to minimize your toxic load and set up a safe and healthy space for your son or daughter.Where these toxins come fromAny time you bring brand new …

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Top 3 Valentine’s Day date night ideas to keep the romance alive during a pregnancy

With a bun in the oven that will arrive in a few months, opportunities to spend time alone with your partner may soon be few and far between. Take advantage of this Valentine's Day and plan a romantic evening that will give the two of you the chance to strengthen your bond and enjoy some quality time together.Dinner and a movie. This classic date night activity almost never disappoints. Instead of squeezing into the tight rows of the local movie theater, you may want to rent the latest …

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7 fun things to do if you’re pregnant on Valentine’s Day

If you're into cooking (or going out to eat) now's the perfect time to indulge. While healthy foods should always be your first choice and it's important to stick to your doctor's recommendations when it comes to eating extra calories during pregnancy, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself on Valentine's Day. Cook up a gourmet dish for each meal or go out for your favorite foods. Your stomach and your partner will appreciate the extra love!

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How to let your husband know what you really want this Valentine’s Day

When you're in your second trimester and are barely able to fit your swelling feet into your favorite pair of shoes, going to a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day may be the last thing you want to do. If you're worried that your husband might not know about how you envision celebrating the holiday of love, don't force him to figure out what you want on his own! Telling him exactly what you want to do is a fail-safe way to end up with the evening you've been dreaming of, but if you'd rather …

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