Prenatal exercise gives baby’s heart a boost too

Here's yet another reason to hit the gym during pregnancy: Prenatal exercise is not only healthy for mom's heart, but baby's too. It turns out, taking up a regular fitness routine can lower your baby's risk of cardiovascular disease down the line, according to new research out of Michigan State University.This news is particularly useful for women at risk for pre-term birth, as underweight babies often suffer from high blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure …

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The office pregnancy: How to make it through

Want to feel like a gold medal Olympian? Survive the work week while pregnant. With morning sickness, fatigue, hormone fluctuations, mom brain and more working against you, getting through a day at the office can seem like an impossible task. Here are a few tips to get you through it all - without sacrificing job quality: Grocery bagsThis is totally disgusting, but invaluable advice: Keep a stash of plastic grocery bags in your car's glove compartment. There's never a good time …

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How to kick your caffeine habit during pregnancy

Newly pregnant? Say goodbye to that morning cup of joe. Not only does caffeine flush much-needed nutrients out of your system, it also contributes to frequent bathroom breaks and intensifies mood swings. Most importantly, and the top reason to avoid it, consuming too much caffeine may also increase your risk for miscarriage. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists advises expectant mothers to limit their intake to two cups of caffeinated coffee each day - the equivalent of one …

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pregnant UPS Worker

Peggy Young had asked to take a break from heavy lifting at her UPS job, only to be told by her boss to take an unpaid leave. Peggy, who says the company gave other non-pregnant light duty, felt she was being treated unfairly and decided to sue the company. Peggy lost her case in the district court, and in the Fourth Circuit, who said the company had created a “pregnancy-blind policy.”Peggy pushed on to the U.S. Supreme Court where she finally received a 6-3 decision, ruling in her …

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The raw truth: What you really can’t eat while pregnant

Following a slew of dietary rules is one of the things you sign up for as an expectant mama, from eat- ing more leafy greens for the folic acid to saying adieu to alcohol. But another, equally important piece of your new menu is making sure what you eat isn’t going to make you or your baby sick.As a mom-to-be you fall into the highest risk category for food-borne illness. That’s why your ob/gyn has already suggested you skip raw foods such as sushi. But what about all the …

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Feeling blue? Prenatal yoga to the rescue!

Battling depression during your pregnancy? There may be more options for you in addition to prescription medicine. Earlier this week, a study released by Brown University concluded that yoga may help expectant moms keep depression at bay.According to this new research, which will be published in full later this month in the journal Women's Health Issues, 34 moms-to-be with depression enrolled in a 10-week yoga class. Focusing solely on yoga, with no counseling or therapy …

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The first trimester: How your baby takes shape

While you're struggling to keep down breakfast in those first months of pregnancy, your little one is undergoing some remarkable changes. From a collection of cells, to a little being who can hiccup in your womb, here's what's cooking with your developing baby during the first trimester of pregnancy:Well before you may even know you're pregnant, your future baby - just a zygote (or fertilized cell) has the genetic makeup he or she needs to determine gender, hair and eye …

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Grammy Winner Kelly Clarkson Talks About Motherhood and Her Pregnancy

There is nothing more precious in this world than a child. Becoming a parent is one of the most special things that can happen to a couple, but  for Grammy winner, and songstress Kelly Clarkson, motherhood has really hit home for her.After growing up without a father, watching her music manager husband Brandon Blackstock tend to their 8 month-old daughter, River Rose, really puts things into perspective.Clarkson said, “I think when you hold this little human you’ve created, now I think …

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Cute, easy and inexpensive pregnancy announcement ideas!

By CandiceWilliams Who doesn’t love a good “We’re Expecting!” announcement? They can be hysterical, heart warming, or just plain cute, but they all have one thing in common: making everyone so emotional! Whether it’s your first or your fifth baby, we’ve rounded up some cute announcements that would be fun to duplicate!Photo Source: Kalli Barker BlogAll you need for this is some chalk, a wall, and good handwriting skills.Photo Source: Mom.MeGrab a bottle of …

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Quiz: what TV mom will you be?

If you’re like us, you’ve seen a lot of TV moms. With a baby on the way (or one in your nursery), you might be wondering what TV mom your style most resembles. Take our fun quiz to learn and share with friends.To get our latest quizzes sent to your mailbox, make sure to subscribe to our newsletters by clicking below. 

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