4 genius ways to make the most of your second trimester

The second trimester is a promised land where nausea and fatigue no longer rule your life. If you're like most women, it will be the most enjoyable—and comfortable—stage of pregnancy. Here's how to make the most of this precious phase: Connect with your mate Make an effort to bond with your partner before the realities of new parenthood set in. “Do fun things together that don’t involve talking about the baby,” advises Ann Douglas, mom of four and author of The Mother of All …

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New poll: What’s your pregnancy diet like?

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5 tips for beating pregnancy headaches

Are headaches getting the best of you now that you have a baby on the way? You’re not the only one. Headaches are one of the most common pregnancy-related symptoms, usually flaring up during the first and third trimesters.What’s to blame? While your body is busy growing and developing your little one, you experience a surge in hormones and blood volume. This, coupled with stress, sleep deprivation, and even poor eating can usher in a wave of headaches that seem hard to beat.While …

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Fruit flies offer clues into your pregnancy cravings

Are you fighting off intense food cravings now that you’re pregnant? It turns out that fruit flies know just what you’re going through.A new report published in the journal Current Biology aims to answer some serious questions about expectant moms and their nutrition. What changes in the brain lead to pregnancy cravings? To answer this question and more, researchers turned to the humble fruit fly."To understand how the brain regulates nutrient intake, you need to work in an …

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For dad: How to survive your first day at the OB

It is just one of those things, guys; you’ve gotta do it. While attending the first pregnancy-related ob/gyn visit with your wife does not sound like a backbreaking show of support, you should at least offer to go. And when your wife says that she doesn’t need you to go, it is wise to insist that you want to. This simple two-hour commitment (appointment, then you take her to lunch) blurs the barriers that separate men and women. I know what you’re thinking, Who wants to cross those lines? …

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How to keep your non-mom friends post-baby

When it comes to pregnancy and all things baby-related, the facts can seem cruel: The demands of new motherhood can push even your best friends away, especially if you're the first in your group to become a mom. A new baby - and all the joy, stress, and exhaustion he or she brings - can drive a wedge between you and your pals if you don’t safeguard against it. Here’s how to ensure your circle of friends stays intact throughout your pregnancy journey and well beyond. Be realistic Before …

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New Dads: 5 Keys to a Joyful Family

Being a new dad destroys a lot men. Unprepared, they find themselves disempowered and overwhelmed, while their relationships flounder.When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, I anxiously looked everywhere for real information about how to handle the emotional and personal challenges I sensed lied ahead. I found a number of keys that have made fatherhood a deeply wonderful experience and allowed my relationship with my wife to thrive.I am not talking about how to change diapers, …

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Communal labor rooms – and other stories of giving birth abroad

Living in some exotic locale sounds exciting, but what’s it like giving birth in a foreign country? It’s easy to assume the best health care is available here at home, but is that really true? We talked to five North American moms living abroad, who shared the highs and the lows of their birthing experiences around the globe.  Kerry Dudman from Cupertino, Ca, delivered two daughters in ChileI had both my daughters, Josefina and Isadora, in a private hospital in …

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How to handle that C-section scar

What you want to know about the size, closure, and care of a C-section scar — plus tips to minimize it.Whether you’re scheduled for a C-section, or end up having one because baby won’t budge, there’s one thing you can count on—a scar. Sometimes the idea of a permanent effect can be more traumatic than the actual mark, so here’s what to expect to help you relax. Location, location, location “The most common C-section incision is the transverse, commonly …

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Modern midwives: Everything you need to know

The term “baby catcher” refers to the humble philosophy of midwives that it is the mother who actually delivers her baby, and her midwife is simply there to catch it. And I’ll be the first to admit, when I first heard the word “midwife,” it brought to mind an image of a woman with a little black bag approaching a cabin in the backwoods to catch a baby.But that’s not the reality: “Midwife” means “with woman.” The United Nations’ World Health Organization …

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