Carson Daly’s wife’s bump is a little girl

Carson Daly and his wife Siri Pinter are expecting their second child in a matter of weeks, and the TV personality recently let slip the gender of the baby. At a press junket for season three of The Voice, Carson referenced the unborn baby when discussing the enthusiasm of the couple's first child, Jackson. "Our son is on board," he told Us Weekly Magazine about his 3-year-old. "For a while it was like, 'Does he know another one is coming?' he talks to her and …

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Pregnancy week 8 – boobs and raspberries and tests, oh my!

YOUR CHANGING LIFE Getting bigger, but maybe not better It's the eighth week of your pregnancy, and you're probably experiencing the same old morning sickness and nausea that's been plaguing you for the past few weeks. While a tweaked diet and taking it easy might be helping you avoid emergency trips to the bathroom, there's still a lot going on with your body, and growth is one of the major aspects. First of all, you may find that your bras are feeling a bit tighter these …

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Sarah Michelle Gellar relies on ruffles to show off bump

Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant with her second child (a boy), whose daddy is actor Freddie Prinze Jr. During the pregnancy, Sarah's been seen out and about wearing a lot of wonderful outfits, and the most recent choice that she wore for a trip to the Andy Lecompte hair salon in West Hollywood, California, is picture perfect.Photos posted on show the actress wearing a gorgeous white maxidress with a delicate-looking floral print and three ruffled tiers at the bottom. The …

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Fearne Cotton uses chic patterns to dress up tiny baby bump

Fearne Cotton, the 30-year old TV producer who's dating the son of The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood, is pregnant with her first child. Jesse Wood has two other children from a previous relationship, and the couple (which has been going strong since last July) is very excited about adding to the brood with the little one's arrival later this year."We are over the moon, morning sickness aside (me, not Jess) and looking forward to the little Cotton Woods arrival,” Fearne wrote on her official …

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Anna Faris proves dressing your bump in black is always flattering

Bright colors and wild patterns are trendy these days - not just on the runway, but on real women, too! However, there's a reason why gals keep returning to black as the color of choice for dresses, tops and pants - it's always flattering - especially during a pregnancy. Anna Faris recently proved that fact, dressing her growing baby bump in an all-black ensemble.According to photos posted on, the actress took a stroll around West Hollywood, California, wearing a …

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Four old wives’ tales to ignore during your pregnancy

After making your pregnancy announcement, you might find that people are a whole lot more eager to give you advice and make judgments about your unborn baby. Chances are high that you'll get a lot of "Oh, you look like you're carrying a boy!" and "What kind of weird foods have you been craving?" People believe a lot of strange things when it comes to pregnancy, so it might help to set the matter straight. Here are four old wives' tales worth ignoring. 1. …

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Top 10 healthy snacks to curb pregnancy cravings

The combined activities of eating for two and combating morning sickness make mealtime tough for many women during a pregnancy. How are you supposed to get those extra calories in if you can't even stomach them? One way to sidestep nausea after eating is to separate your food into snacks rather than large meals, which could also help prevent heartburn. These smaller portions are more manageable for your stomach, and they give you the opportunity to indulge in plenty of different foods to …

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Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald soon to flaunt second bump

Kelly Macdonald, the Scottish actress who stars in Boardwalk Empire, is expecting her second child with husband Dougie Payne, who's the bassist in the band Travis. The couple's first born is 4-year-old son Freddie, who will be expecting a brand new sibling sometime in December, according to Kelly's the one who will be sporting that baby bump for the majority of her pregnancy, it's apparently Dougie who's likely to be the favorite parent."We don’t have a nanny, and …

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Pregnancy Week 7 – almost time to break the news!

YOUR CHANGING LIFE Noticing both positives and negatives It's week seven of your pregnancy, and you might still be feeling a bit rough if you experienced the onset of morning sickness last week. While this nausea may not go anywhere soon (it's usually gone after 14 weeks for about half of women, and about four weeks after that for the remaining expectant moms), it's not the only big change that's occurred in your body recently. While no one can tell that you're pregnant …

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Vanessa Lachey getting ready to bid adieu to baby bump

While Vanessa and Nick Lachey have been very open about how much they've been loving the pregnancy period, they're more than ready to welcome their new member of the family into the world. In fact, they've been doing a lot of things when it comes to getting ready for baby, despite the fact that they both lead very busy lives."The nursery's ready, we got the stroller, we got the car seat," the former boy band member told Us Weekly Magazine. "Now it's just emotionally figuring out what we do, …

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