Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now what?

YOUR CHANGING LIFELet the baby countdown begin!Now that your fertilized egg has nestled into the lining of your uterus, you're officially ready to start tracking your baby's growth and development (as well as your own symptoms!). So what's really going on right now, and what can you do about it?The fourth week of pregnancy is the starting point from which your pregnancy will be measured, as it's the week when implantation occurs. But because most women can't …

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Anna Paquin’s bump may double in size

Anna Paquin hasn't been shy about showing off her bump on the red carpet, and so far it's looked pretty petite. However, rumor has it that Paquin and hubby Stephen Moyer are getting ready for two celebrity babies, so we may start to see a much bigger bump!According to Us Weekly Magazine, the couple's True Blood co-star, Sam Trammell, revealed the pregnancy news at Planet Hollywood's Gallery Nightclub in Las Vegas. A recent father of twins himself, he had a lot to say about his expecting …

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Conceiving Part 1: Your 20s

If you're getting ready for pregnancy, you might be wondering if you're at a good age to conceive. How will your body respond to a pregnancy? Are you emotionally ready? Can you handle the financial responsibility? These are all valid questions that many mothers ask themselves. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of having children when you're in your 20s. The 20s range is the ideal time for getting pregnant and carrying a baby as far as your body is concerned. You were …

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British singer Lily Allen could be flaunting bump soon

Lily Allen, the British pop star who's notorious for her bleeped-out lyrics and cheeky attitude, is rumored to be the latest celebrity to start preparing for baby. This won't be the first child for Allen and her husband Sam Cooper - the couple already has an 8-month-old daughter named Ethel."Lily has started telling her friends and everybody in her close circle is so excited for her," a source revealed to the UK's Sunday Mirror. "It was a surprise but Lily and Sam are …

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Camila Alves reveals bump for the first time on red carpet

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves only revealed their exciting pregnancy news last week, but the announcement already had us wondering what the Brazilian model's bump would look like. Would she try to hide the first signs in baggy pregnancy clothing like some other celebrities, or would she flaunt it? Luckily, we found out at the London premiere of McConaughey's new movie, Magic Mike.While the movie star looked dapper in a tailored gray suit and a shiny maroon tie, it was truly Camila …

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Will you need to buy new shoes after a pregnancy?

For many women, shoes are the most exciting accessories in their closets. Plenty of ladies spend hundreds of dollars on footwear thinking that the investment will last forever, but will it? You may have heard that some women experience foot growth during a pregnancy, resulting in a new shoe size that puts all of their old stilettos, sandals and sneakers to rest. But why does this happen, and is the change permanent? Basically, there are three reasons why your feet can experience growth during …

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Can you tell if you’re having multiples before the ultrasound?

Many women who are trying to conceive don't even consider the possibility of having multiple babies at once, especially when just one seemed like it required a miracle. But those who have used fertility treatments have a greater chance of carrying more than once fetus, as do women who have a history of twins or multiples in the family. Is there a way to know whether you're having more than one baby before the ultrasound confirmation? The only way to truly find out if your pregnancy …

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Country singer Jake Owen’s wife to sport baby bump soon

Jake Owen, who's currently on tour with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, recently learned that his new wife, Lacey, is pregnant with their first child. Not a big fan of surprises, Owen wanted to find out the sex of the baby as soon as possible, seeing as the pregnancy itself was a bit of a surprise. Now they're set to welcome a girl in November.According to, the engagement, marriage and pregnancy all came in a whirlwind for the couple, who have had a busy past few months. With a …

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Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki over the moon about first pregnancy

Adele, the popular British singer who's had a very big year in the music industry, is about to take on an even busier schedule. She's expecting her first child with boyfriend Simon Konecki, and the two are very excited about starting a family."I'm delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together," she announced on her website. "I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this …

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Former Backstreet Boy AJ McLean expecting first child

AJ McLean, the former boy band heartthrob, and his new wife Rochelle Karidis are expecting their first child together. Although AJ told People Magazine last year that they were probably going to enjoy marriage for a few years before starting a family, it seems like the two could hardly wait to welcome a bundle of joy into their lives.The proud singer made the announcement on his Twitter page, tweeting "Yay we're having a baby girl!!!!! Little baby Ava Jaymes." They also shared a YouTube …

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