Pregnancy, week 5 – let the excitement begin!

YOUR CHANGING LIFE Big things are happening - but you might not notice Last week was when your little embryo attached to the lining of your uterus, and now big things are starting to happen in there. But what's going on with you at this point in your pregnancy? Most likely, you don't feel that different right now (physically, at least!). However, some new moms report feeling more fatigued than usual during the first several weeks - after all, growing a baby is hard work! Aside from …

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Five things to avoid when you’re picking out a baby name

After you've found out that you're pregnant and begin preparing for baby, you'll probably start to think about what name you want to give your child. Do you want to embrace something inspired by a relative? Does your religion play a factor? Is your partner dead-set on a particular option? These are all questions to ask yourself as you mull over the topic, but here are five things you should definitely avoid when you're choosing a winner. 1. Something crazy. Celebrity babies …

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The wacky world of pregnancy dreams

Now that you're pregnant, are you waking up more often thinking about that vividly wild dream you had last night? You're not alone - many women experience changes in their night visions once they start getting ready for baby. Experts believe that dreams often relate to your mental state, which is why yours might be a little nuts during a pregnancy. After all, your hormones are throwing your emotions out of whack! So what are some of the most common pregnancy dreams, and what do they …

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Keeping abreast of your gals during a pregnancy

During a pregnancy, women often experience a number of bodily changes, from bigger feet to aching backs to queasier stomachs. But one of the areas that usually changes the most are the breasts. Your twins will go from being two of your favorite assets to becoming a source of nourishment for your baby, and it takes a lot of work to get from here to there! But what exactly is going to happen to them? First of all, your breasts will likely get bigger. Whether this is good news or bad, your cup …

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Megan Fox doesn’t sacrifice style when dressing her bump

Actress Megan Fox is living proof that pregnancy clothing doesn't have to be shapeless, baggy or unflattering. Instead of opting for flat flip flops and breezy outfits this summer, she's been out and about flaunting her bump in pretty dresses and high wedge heels.According to the UK's Daily Mirror, Megan and her husband Brian Austen Green recently went to church in Los Angeles, California, and the star was dressed to impressed. She wore a black maxidress with cap sleeves, which showed off …

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Olympic swimmer Brendan Hansen expecting first child

Just in time for the London 2012 Summer OIympics, champion swimmer Brendan Hansen found out that he and his wife, Martha, are expecting their first child. How's that for motivation? The four-time Olympic gold medalist took to his Twitter account to share the excitement with his fans."Well the news is out! My wife Martha Hansen and I are expecting! Hope the ready for a lil Hansen runnin around!" he wrote in the tweet.According to Us Weekly magazine, Martha told Brendan about the news …

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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now what?

YOUR CHANGING LIFELet the baby countdown begin!Now that your fertilized egg has nestled into the lining of your uterus, you're officially ready to start tracking your baby's growth and development (as well as your own symptoms!). So what's really going on right now, and what can you do about it?The fourth week of pregnancy is the starting point from which your pregnancy will be measured, as it's the week when implantation occurs. But because most women can't …

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Anna Paquin’s bump may double in size

Anna Paquin hasn't been shy about showing off her bump on the red carpet, and so far it's looked pretty petite. However, rumor has it that Paquin and hubby Stephen Moyer are getting ready for two celebrity babies, so we may start to see a much bigger bump!According to Us Weekly Magazine, the couple's True Blood co-star, Sam Trammell, revealed the pregnancy news at Planet Hollywood's Gallery Nightclub in Las Vegas. A recent father of twins himself, he had a lot to say about his expecting …

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Conceiving Part 1: Your 20s

If you're getting ready for pregnancy, you might be wondering if you're at a good age to conceive. How will your body respond to a pregnancy? Are you emotionally ready? Can you handle the financial responsibility? These are all valid questions that many mothers ask themselves. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of having children when you're in your 20s. The 20s range is the ideal time for getting pregnant and carrying a baby as far as your body is concerned. You were …

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British singer Lily Allen could be flaunting bump soon

Lily Allen, the British pop star who's notorious for her bleeped-out lyrics and cheeky attitude, is rumored to be the latest celebrity to start preparing for baby. This won't be the first child for Allen and her husband Sam Cooper - the couple already has an 8-month-old daughter named Ethel."Lily has started telling her friends and everybody in her close circle is so excited for her," a source revealed to the UK's Sunday Mirror. "It was a surprise but Lily and Sam are …

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