Avoiding potential health hazards while pregnant

You want to do everything you can to protect your baby and that protection begins when the life first begins growing inside of you, not when the child is born nine months later. That being the case, it's likely that as you get used to the idea of being pregnant, you'll begin to question everyday practices that you never thought twice about before you got pregnant. From cleaning the toilet to getting your nails done, it's easy to get wrapped up in worrying about whether or not …

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Baby with the bath water: Is water birth the right choice for you?

The very idea of water birth is a bit strange, if not off-putting, to some people, but once a person becomes informed about the process they generally see it as a viable option. Once you've assured yourself that it's a legitimate procedure, the question remains whether water birth is right for you. Are there any discernable benefits or is it just a fad? This is how they did it Far from being a trendy mom-of-the-moment thing to do, water birthing has been around for a long time. …

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Check the bottle: 5 key ingredients every prenatal vitamin should have

It almost goes without saying that once you find out you're pregnant, you're going to have to make some changes to your diet. Cutting back on alcohol, researching foods to avoid during pregnancy and reading up on the many vitamins and minerals you and your growing baby need are just some of the tasks you'll be charged with. Eating healthier foods and reducing the amount of junk you consume can also help ensure that your pregnancy goes off without a hitch.But a healthy diet …

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Are you experiencing a gassy pregnancy?

There are plenty of fun parts about being pregnant, from outfitting your baby bump in the latest sexy maternity dresses, to scouring baby name books looking for the perfect moniker for your unborn child. Unfortunately, being pregnant also involves a certain level of physical discomfort. Some of this discomfort presents itself in embarrassing ways, for example, pregnant women experience more gas than the average person, making flatulence and belching a bigger part of your life than …

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Give your baby a boost with the best pregnancy diet

Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can go through, and part of what makes it so amazing is that the woman has to give so much of herself over to the process of gestation and eventually birth and child rearing. Selfishness goes out the window and getting ready for baby and making sure the kid is healthy and happy becomes priority. To ensure that you give birth to as healthy a baby as possible, it's important to feed yourself right and ensure that …

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5 foods to avoid during your first trimester

Morning sickness tends to be most intense during the first trimester, but if you know how to handle it, you can have a more pleasant pregnancy. Every woman in different, and some have more severe symptoms or longer periods of morning sickness than others. Read on to find out what foods you should avoid in your first trimester.1. Deli meat Put away the roast beef sandwiches and Italian subs for nine months: Deli meat is a big no-no for pregnant women. Deli meat is notoriously prone to being …

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Lake Bell presents first baby bump on red carpet

"Boston Legal" and "Childrens Hospital" star, Lake Bell is expecting her first child with husband Scott Campbell, according to People Magazine. Bell declared that her first born was on the way when she paraded down the red carpet at Vanity Fair's Tribeca Film Festival party.  Bell married Campbell, who works as a tattoo and a fine artist, in New Orleans after being engaged for a year. The couple met on the set of "How to Make it in America" …

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Got morning sickness? Duck the upchuck with these tips

Throwing up isn't fun for anybody, not the person doing it, and nor anyone else. Unfortunately, nausea and morning sickness are common during pregnancy, so any women who hopes to be a mother someday will have to get used to the idea of spending a few months worshiping the porcelain god. It's not all bad news though.Getting 'sick' can be a sign that you're healthy Nausea is a sign that a woman's hormones levels are high enough to sustain the fetus and to help it …

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Pregnancy week 5: The fun is just beginning!

By the time you reach the fifth week of your pregnancy, your unborn child will be the size of a sesame seed, but despite his or her tiny size, this is when the fun parts of pregnancy really kick in. Why now? Well, there's a lot happening in your body; the fetus is developing his or her heart, muscles, cartilage and various layers of skin. It's like a tiny construction site is operating in your uterus and, like any construction project, it's bound to cause some disruption in …

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Chelsea Clinton pregnant with first child

Chelsea Clinton, 34, has announced that she is pregnant with her first child, who will be the first grand child of former president Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Chelsea has been married to her husband Marc Mezinsky since 2010, according to People magazine. The couple expects to welcome the new baby in the fall of 2014.Chelsea revealed to Rachel Ray in October that her parents have been nudging her toward creating a new little …

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