5 things your nanny wants you to know but won’t say to your face

If you're planning on being a working mom, and even if you aren't, you may consider hiring a nanny to help with the baby as you adapt to your new role.When you get a nanny, keep in mind some of these things you nanny wish you knew, but probably won't tell you:"It's our job" You hire a nanny for assistance with your children, so don't forget to treat them in a professional manner. Make sure you pay them fairly and consistently - it's how they earn …

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Look out for these 9 pregnancy milestones

No pregnancy is the same: no truer words have been spoken about this 9-month-long period in which your body actually grows another human being.However, because no pregnancy between two women, or even two pregnancies with the same woman, are the same, there are milestones you can look out for to keep you sane during your journey to motherhood.1.Morning sickness: Since you're still in the early stages of your pregnancy, you're probably still feeling sick. Articles and books often …

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Names you should never ever give your kid

Choosing a name for your little one is a big deal. Names are a big part of who we are and who we become later down the road.You also have to find something that both you and your partner can agree on, which is often easier said than done. If you're having a girl, you have to consider the possibility of her one day changing her last name.Can a name affect your future? Researchers have spent decades trying to determine if having a unique and unusual name can hinder your child's future. …

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Dressing for success while you’re pregnant

Pregnancy is a joyous time in a woman's life - morning sickness aside - but when it comes to the best maternity clothes, the biggest statement you're likely in the mood to make is "I'm extremely comfortable" by wearing sweatpants and slippers everywhere. Unfortunately for working mothers-to-be, this simply isn't an option unless they're lucky enough to work from home. Maxi dresses can't solve all of your pregnant working woman fashion issues, …

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Drive safe: Car accidents are more likely during second trimester

For a healthy, happy pregnancy and newborn, you have to engage in safe, healthy practices. Eating right and doing exercise while pregnant are just two examples of ways to help safeguard your own health and that of your baby. Other safety measures are important too, like skipping foods to avoid during pregnancy, staying out of hot tubs and forgoing air travel during your third trimester. But a recent study has shed light on another factor that could put your pregnancy at risk: car accidents - …

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Be on the lookout for severe second trimester morning sickness

Morning sickness is one of the early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period that clues some moms-to-be in to the fact that they're pregnant. Suddenly, keeping breakfast down is a lot harder than it used to be, and sometimes morning sickness isn't even limited to the first third of the day. Many women feel sick to their stomachs in the afternoon or even at night, but it's still a completely normal symptom of pregnancy.However, there is a severe form of morning sickness called hyperemesis …

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Avoiding potential health hazards while pregnant

You want to do everything you can to protect your baby and that protection begins when the life first begins growing inside of you, not when the child is born nine months later. That being the case, it's likely that as you get used to the idea of being pregnant, you'll begin to question everyday practices that you never thought twice about before you got pregnant. From cleaning the toilet to getting your nails done, it's easy to get wrapped up in worrying about whether or not …

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Baby with the bath water: Is water birth the right choice for you?

The very idea of water birth is a bit strange, if not off-putting, to some people, but once a person becomes informed about the process they generally see it as a viable option. Once you've assured yourself that it's a legitimate procedure, the question remains whether water birth is right for you. Are there any discernable benefits or is it just a fad? This is how they did it Far from being a trendy mom-of-the-moment thing to do, water birthing has been around for a long time. …

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Check the bottle: 5 key ingredients every prenatal vitamin should have

It almost goes without saying that once you find out you're pregnant, you're going to have to make some changes to your diet. Cutting back on alcohol, researching foods to avoid during pregnancy and reading up on the many vitamins and minerals you and your growing baby need are just some of the tasks you'll be charged with. Eating healthier foods and reducing the amount of junk you consume can also help ensure that your pregnancy goes off without a hitch.But a healthy diet …

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Are you experiencing a gassy pregnancy?

There are plenty of fun parts about being pregnant, from outfitting your baby bump in the latest sexy maternity dresses, to scouring baby name books looking for the perfect moniker for your unborn child. Unfortunately, being pregnant also involves a certain level of physical discomfort. Some of this discomfort presents itself in embarrassing ways, for example, pregnant women experience more gas than the average person, making flatulence and belching a bigger part of your life than …

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