3 tips for beating postpartum loneliness

Diaper blowouts, inconsolable screams and sleepless nights, these are hallmarks of new parenthood that many seek to warn us about. But what often falls off this list? How lonely the first weeks and months of motherhood can be. Once your partner has gone back to work, being alone with your baby for hours on end can be overwhelming, isolating and a bit scary too. In its winter issue, The Journal of Perinatal Education stressed the importance of beating loneliness postpartum. According to …

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Off-kilter? How to stay balanced during pregnancy

Walk much? If you've been tripping over your feet now that you're pregnant, there's a reason. Clumsiness and loss of balance are just two of the seemingly endless symptoms that may crop up once you're expecting.Why it happensIf you've been off-kilter these days, there's likely a reason - your growing bump. The larger your belly grows, the more it throws your center of gravity off balance. You may find yourself leaning backwards ever so slightly and feeling extra wobbly …

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How to spot, treat and beat pregnancy anemia

So you're feeling unusually weak, tired and lightheaded these days? You may want to have your doctor or midwife check you for anemia. Particularly prevalent during pregnancy, anemia results in fewer healthy red blood cells, which may mean less oxygen for your growing baby. If left untreated, anemia can cause some pretty serious consequences, such as preterm delivery, low birth weight and developmental delays for your little one.The causeWhen you're expecting, your blood volume increases …

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3 tips to ensure the safest start for baby

Counting down the days until baby's arrival can be fraught with anxiety. There's your never-ending to-do list, the fear of labor and delivery and oh, right, that little thing called taking care of another human for a lifetime. To make matters worse, it seems that everywhere you turn there's another article listing the many ways your child can be harmed once he or she is earth-side. Cue the panic attacks, right? First, breathe. Second, calm your fears by being proactive now to ensure …

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Why I never want to have sex again

All throughout my pregnancy, I was convinced of one thing: Motherhood would not define me. Once my kid arrived earth-side, I'd continue on as I always had - wearing cute clothes, doing my hair and makeup, reading good books, etc. I'd be that woman who always looked polished, calm and put together. I wouldn't be one of those moms who wore sweatpants and topknots around the clock. I wouldn't smell like spit-up, talk about my kid's poop or wear the same t-shirt three days in a …

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Miscarriages. How to be the Man in these Moments.

Miscarriages suck! What's the Man's Role?? These are a horrific experience that no one warns you about, that happen in the midst of what’s supposed to be one of life's most beautiful and joyful moments. Unfortunately, few men know how to handle these extremely challenging experiences. They’re devastating and can have a horrible impact on our family if we don’t know how to respond. Today, I give you four things that you can do as the man to move through the miscarriage and strengthen …

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5 pregnancy habits to keep forever

If you're following doctor's orders, then your pregnancy body is most likely in tip-top shape. Growing a human being inspires us to live healthier, cleaner lifestyles to ensure our little ones have the best starts in life. But don't leave those new healthy habits in the dust when baby arrives. He or she won't necessarily reap the benefits, but your recovering body sure will. Here are five habits you've created during pregnancy that you should definitely hang on to for a …

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4 questions to prep for motherhood

There's a reason growing a human being takes a whole nine months - there's a lot of planning and decision-making to be done. Once you've chosen your health care provider and created a birth plan, it's time to focus on parenthood. What kind of parents will you and your partner be? Make your transition to motherhood as smooth as can be by considering these important questions to help you plan for the future:How will you feed your little one?Will you breastfeed or formula …

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Wake up! Say so long to pregnancy fatigue

Are you sleep-walking through your first trimester? If so, you're in good company. Fatigue is one of the most prevalent side effects of pregnancy, with more than half of all expectant moms fighting to get out of bed in the morning. Here's the lowdown on why you're so tired and what you can do about it:What's the deal?Growing a tiny life form is grueling work, so it's no wonder you're exhausted. In the first trimester, when fatigue is most common, your body is putting all …

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6 things that may surprise you about childbirth

After nine months of careful planning and studying, there are some things about labor, delivery and those first fresh hours of motherhood that may still surprise you. Here are six to take note of:1. There are two deliveriesUltrasound technology is top notch these days, making a surprise twin a very unlikely scenario. So, no, we're not referring to multiples here - instead, we're talking about the placenta. After every delivery, a brand new mom must then push out baby's life source - …

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