Planning ahead: Survive early labor with these 3 tips

If we believed what Hollywood depicts in its movies, then all babies would be born quickly, dramatically and with a whole lot of screaming. How many storylines have shown us a woman's water breaking, and only moments later, that same woman pushing in a hospital bed? These lightening quick deliveries, while possible, are hardly the norm - especially for first time moms. In real life, you can expect a much slower progression of labor - spending hours or even days in the early stages.What is …

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8 steps to take today for a healthy pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, everyone seems to have an opinion on what's best for mom and her baby. When taking in all of this advice - some of it hair-brained, some of it contradictory - it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. That's why we're going back to basics, paring down the most sound and simplest advice for a healthy, stress-free and happy pregnancy.Find your health care teamOne of your first steps should be finding a doctor or midwife who …

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3 easy tips for battling the pregnancy weight gain blues

Of all the ups and downs pregnancy puts a woman through (hormonal acne, swollen ankles, a thicker mane), weight gain can be the toughest pill to swallow. Unlike the majority of other pregnancy symptoms, packing on some extra pounds is the one thing every single expectant mom is supposed to go through. But that doesn't make it any easier on our self esteem.The American College of Gynecology and Obstetrics recommends that the average mother-to-be gain anywhere from 25-35 pounds by …

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The new dad maturity calculator – quiz

Wondering how your partner will be as a new dad. Take our quick quiz! 

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The birth plan: Why no pregnant woman should be without one

Imagine this: You're in the hospital. One contraction rolls in just as the other subsides. You're exhilarated. You're nervous. But most of all, you're focused: breathe in, breathe out. And then, it happens. Your doctor furrows her brow and hits you with a big question that you aren't prepared to answer.Saving your decision-making for the delivery room is not the smartest move. With all the focus on getting through each contraction, you're not in the mindset to …

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How to really eat for two while pregnant

“Mommy, more please.” Those magic words play like music to a mother’s ears, especially if the dish is something that qualifies as “healthy.” And although this scenario might seem far off while you’re still stuck in what could be The World’s Largest Pants, it appears that a budding eater’s “food road map” actually begins to develop while she’s still floating in that bag of waters. That’s right—a growing body of evidence suggests your personal cuisine routine influences …

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Top 5 things never to say to a pregnant woman

Between pregnancy hormones, morning sickness and fatigue, it seems unfair that moms-to-be must endure questions and comments that make them cringe as well. If you have a friend who's always sticking her foot in her mouth, you may want to share this one with her. You can thank us later.Horror stories Save scary stories for Halloween. Preparing for birth is no time to take in accounts of a birth gone wrong. Sure, there will always be stories of women who've had a rough go in the …

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Make over your beauty bag during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a funny time: Just when your self confidence really needs a boost, you'll find many of your beauty go-tos are off limits. But instead of wallowing until delivery day - or worse, not allowing yourself to feel like the beauty you are - make some simple swaps to your makeup bag. There are skincare and beauty options aplenty - many of which are perfectly safe for you and your growing baby.What to avoidFirst and foremost, there are a number of chemicals all pregnant women …

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How to plan a babymoon on the cheap

Before you embark on your new adventure as parents, pack a bag for a trip of a more literal nature. Schedule time away for just you and your partner to reconnect and recharge before baby arrives. With all the planning you two have been doing, you deserve a moment to step back and focus on one another. But if booking a flight and scheduling a babymoon sends your heart aflutter about your finances, never fear. We've compiled some tips for planning time away on the cheap.When to travelThe …

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Why you should fill your plate with fish now that you’re pregnant

One minute you're staring at a pregnancy test waiting for the strips to turn pink - and the next minute, you're turning your life upside down to accommodate your future child. Or at least that's the way it sometimes feels, what with all the lifestyle and dietary changes pregnancy asks of you. You know why you need to nix alcohol and why you should load up on fruits and veggies. But what's the science behind adding a fish oil supplement to your diet? We get to the bottom of …

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