Why high blood pressure in pregnancy matters

At each prenatal appointment, you'll notice the nurse taking and recording your blood pressure. Throughout your pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will monitor your pressure, making sure the top and bottom numbers don't rise above 140 and 90 respectively.What's all the fuss?Whether you had high blood pressure prior to conceiving, or it's cropped up now that you're pregnant, your health care provider will want to keep it in check. Allowing your blood pressure to go …

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Breaking news: Ease labor pain with vitamin D

Worried about how you'll manage the pain of childbirth? Your doctor or midwife may prescribe more sunshine. Recent research from the American Society of Anesthesiologists suggests vitamin D may help ease labor pains.For years, the medical world has tied vitamin D deficiency to higher rates of depression, anxiety and pain. But now, this new study correlates low vitamin D levels with more pain medication during labor. The more depleted your vitamin D stores are, the more medication …

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How to Baby Proof your Marriage

I was really scared and super excited when my wife was pregnant with my daughter. Fortunately, my defensive response to anxiety is to educate and plan. The planning we did made the first year of parenting a remarkable joy. Unfortunately, that first year is hell for far too many new parents. So many divorces happen because of the trauma of those challenging months. In this week's video, I share¬†6 steps¬†we took that made a huge difference. Watch more videos at …

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Feeling down? 5 ways to feel your best during pregnancy

Remember that old adage, "When you look good, you feel good?" Well, it's both an apt statement and a tall order in the first months of pregnancy. In those beginning weeks, while you and your partner guard your little secret, you're most likely keeping your news under wraps. You don't have to tell us how you feel, either, what with morning sickness, fatigue and an onslaught of blemishes. All that being said, we hear you - any help you can get looking and feeling your …

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Episiotomy: The ‘little snip’ you probably don’t need

No woman in her right mind would enter into an episiotomy willingly. But that's precisely the problem - in the throes of labor, no woman is in her right mind. Blame it on adrenaline, the intense vulnerability of childbirth or the hunger for an end to labor. No matter the reason behind a woman's consent of it, data show doctors performing this controversial snip on more than eleven percent of moms-to-be. What is it?An episiotomy is a procedure that involves cutting into the area …

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Asthma and pregnancy: Why treatment can’t wait

Short of breath? It's time to get that asthma in check. For a woman who has a history of this disease, the key to a healthy pregnancy is managing her symptoms under a doctor's care. Asthma is common, treatable and poses no additional risks to your developing baby - just as long as you're fastidious about treatment.Why treatment mattersYou may be well accustomed to shortness of breath and wheezing, but now that you're pregnant it's not the time to soldier through. Even …

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Morning sickness: What to do when it won’t go away

The thing that makes morning sickness halfway tolerable during pregnancy is its relatively short timeline. For the 80 percent of expectant moms who suffer through it, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Nausea and vomiting ease up typically once the first trimester is through - leaving moms-to-be feeling healthy and energized. But for some women, their experience with morning sickness pushes past the first trimester and into the second and third. If you're in the latter camp, …

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5 sweet and funny movies to watch while pregnant

Get the popcorn popping! We have five movies to veg out to while you wait for delivery day.'Baby Boom' (1987)Genre: Comedy Stars: Diane Keaton, Sam ShepardKeaton's J.C. Wiatt is a high-powered business executive whose life plays out in the board room - that is, until she inherits her deceased cousin's baby. Shocked and totally unprepared, Wiatt's life unravels hilariously. It's not long before motherhood has completely consumed her, causing her to lose her job …

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When is the biggest baby-making season? (infographic)

It’s cold and snowy today across most of America. Perfect weather for staying home and finding low cost and enjoyable ways to stay warm and entertained. Common wisdom has always been that this kind of weather brings on the babies. Taking a look at the actual data from the CDC shows Americans find late Autumn to be the most romantic, and fertile, time of year. So, if you’re trying to make a baby right now, maybe you just have the timing wrong and need to wait until the leaves are …

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How to Change your Husband! (or Wife)

Don't you wish you could change your husband or wife at times?! As much as I love my partner, there are a few things they do that deeply annoy me. Unfortunately, our efforts to change others usually stink. Sure, we need to accept them for who they are, but we also need to be able to work as a dynamic team and that takes each of us changing how we act to make the family thrive. In this week's video, I share one really bad thing that most all of us do and two great ways to get your partner to …

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