Three women who did amazing things during a pregnancy

As you're preparing for pregnancy, you may be reading up on parenting advice and consulting with your doctor about dietary and fitness changes you should make to keep your baby healthy. Getting ready for a baby is a large task on its own, but there have been some women who have managed to pull off historic feats during their pregnancies. Three of these expectant moms stand out amongst the rest - here are their stories. Running all the way to the delivery room As of October 2011, Amber …

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Three skills that pregnancy might actually improve

When discussing how pregnancy affects expectant moms, much of the popular discourse highlights the bothersome symptoms like nausea, back pain and swollen feet - but after nine months of carrying a child, several unexpected benefits may start to surface. Whether it's your lifestyle choices or your role at work, being pregnant can help give you an extra push in the right direction. Here are three skills that might improve over the course of your pregnancy. Finally sticking to a fitness …

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Three challenges expectant moms face during the holidays

Whether you're nearing the end of your second trimester or you still haven't announced your pregnancy, the holidays can put you in some awkward situations. Bringing the entire extended family together, including some of your more eccentric relatives, is nearly always a recipe for comedy - being pregnant just adds to the amusement. Here are a few roadblocks you should prepare to navigate. 1. Avoiding the pat-down. Once you start showing, somehow all personal boundaries seem to topple …

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Planning ahead: Diabetes and pregnancy no longer a death sentence

In the recent past, it was highly advised that women with diabetes avoid getting pregnant because of the health complications it would pose to them and their babies. Now, medical providers have developed steps that ladies can take so they can enjoy a safe and healthy gestation, but that doesn't mean all of the risks have been eliminated. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and are planning to conceive, you may not want to start trying until you've managed to stabilize your blood …

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Robert Downey, Jr. expecting a baby boy next year

Robert Downey, Jr., star of Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man, recently revealed that he and wife Susan Downey are expecting a baby boy early next year! The A-list actor divulged the scoop during a Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance. He began by emphatically declaring that he had sworn to keep the gender a secret, then surprisingly declared, "We're having a boy!" Leno gave the leading man a prosthetic breastfeeding device, which Downey Jr. congenially put on and offered to try out …

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Bryce Dallas Howard needed permission slip to continue jetsetting in her third trimester

In order to fly to the New York City premiere of her new short film When You Find Me, Bryce Dallas Howard had to get a permission slip from her doctor. The Help star, who directed and produced the film alongside her legendary father Ron Howard, is currently nine months pregnant! The young mom said she enjoyed working on the project, which was created as part of Canon's Project Imagin8ion, noting that it was a rare opportunity to learn some film industry wisdom from her dad. "I was in …

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Could your daily cup of joe endanger your baby?

Many Americans have gotten used to drinking a morning cup of coffee to build up enough energy to get through the day. And, if you're a professed caffeine-lover, you may even brew several cups a day. Now that you're pregnant, it's likely you're wondering if you need to change your beverage routine. A common question on the minds of expectant moms is, "Can caffeine cause birth defects?" According to several animal studies, yes. Although definitive research on humans does …

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Preparing for labor: Important items you should never forget to pack

By the third trimester, you may be feeling more anxious about the arrival of your baby. And, if it's your first pregnancy, it's likely you're nervous about the delivery process and whether you're ready to be a mom. Since these final weeks are already jam-packed with emotion and excitement, you may want to pack your bags for the hospital at least a month before your due date so you'll be ready to head out the door once the contractions are coming strong and fast. A bag for …

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Model Maggie Rizer gets ready for the Thanksgiving arrival of her first child

The fresh-faced, freckled Maggie Rizer, who has graced the cover of Vogue and walked in Victoria's Secret runway shows, is anxiously awaiting giving birth to her first child - a boy. Rizer and her husband, IBM heir Alex Mehran, announced the pregnancy in June via the mom-to-be's blog It turns out that Bea, one of the couple's three Golden retrievers, has proven to be a listening ear throughout the pregnancy, according to Rizer. "I've been telling Bea …

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Could a flu shot hurt my unborn baby?

Most pregnant women do everything they can to ensure the health of their baby. However, some elements may be out of a soon-to-be mama's control, including the germs that abound during flu season. This may lead to one terribly agonizing question - should you get a flu shot this winter? If you're nervous about a flu shot potentially harming your baby, you can put your fears to rest - it turns out the vaccine is actually highly recommended for expectant mothers! In fact, a flu shot can …

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