Three exercises to avoid while pregnant

Doctors and experts agree that getting mild to moderate exercise while pregnant is healthy for both mom and baby. But is there anything you should make sure to avoid to keep your unborn baby safe? Here are a few exercises, sports and hobbies that the pros don't recommend for women who are expecting. 1. Horseback riding. It's not so much that the action of riding a horse is dangerous - it's more that horses are living creatures, which makes them unpredictable. If a horse should buck …

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My due date came and went – with no baby! What now?

A typical pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks, but it's not uncommon for babies to arrive a couple of weeks early - or even a couple of weeks late. Every baby develops differently, even before birth, and errors in calculating your last menstrual period can result in due dates that aren't exactly accurate. However, being overdue by more than one or two weeks can lead to complications for you and your baby. Babies born at 42 weeks and beyond are often overweight and sometimes have dry, …

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What are my odds of having twins?

While certainly not common, multiple births, of course, happen - twins, triplets and even more! Having more than one baby at a time requires all kinds of extra preparation, time and money, but can also be highly rewarding. So what are the real odds of delivering twins? There are two kinds of twins - fraternal and identical. Identical twins occur when one fertilized egg splits into two separate embryos, while fraternal twins result from two separate fertilized eggs released during the same …

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Does breastfeeding make you more defensive?

Every mom wants to protect her children, but do breastfeeding moms feel even more of a drive to ward off danger? A new study suggests that new moms who are breastfeeding their infants are twice as aggressive as non-breastfeeding mothers when confronted by a threat. Acccording to MSNBC's The Body Odd, nursing mothers are more aggressive than bottle-feeding mothers when it comes to keeping their babies safe from harm - real or imagined. The study suggests that lactation, and not just …

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Beyonce shows off her baby bump!

Beyoncé Knowles caused a ruckus at the recent MTV Music Video Awards, making her way down the red carpet with an undeniable baby bump. Though she didn't give any interviews, there was no denying the excitement she seemed to feel as she performed a new song called "Love On Top," asking the audience to "celebrate the love inside me." Just to ensure that her big reveal wasn't lost on viewers, Beyoncé popped open her jacket and rubbed her belly with a …

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Coping with emotions during your pregnancy

Even the most relaxed women may find themselves fending off some serious mood swings during their three trimesters. Though these feelings can be detrimental if they strike at work or in front of your spouse, learning to channel this energy can actually be a positive experience. Writing down how you feel can go a long way toward helping you get some clarity when you're feeling down, anxious or stressed. In addition to being a useful outlet for negative energy, describing your emotions can …

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Just how bad does labor really hurt?

Everyone says it's the most painful thing you'll ever experience, but millions of women do it every day. Just how bad is labor, really? We're here to give it to you straight - and reassure you that just like your own mother, grandmother and great-grandmother did, you'll get through this just fine. Most women compare their labor pains to menstrual cramps - and there's a good reason for that. Both sensations are the feeling of your uterus tightening and shifting. While labor …

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Top pregnancy fears – and why you shouldn’t worry

Although you're undoubtedly excited about welcoming the new addition to your family, lots of moms-to-be are filled with anxiety about what awaits them postpartum. Here are some common pregnancy-related fears - and why you shouldn't let them stress you out.1. Your post-baby body will be fine. It's normal to gain anywhere from 25 to 40 pounds during pregnancy, and as long as you've been eating healthy and staying active, you shouldn't have any problem dropping the weight …

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Help! My baby won’t stop moving!

While feeling your baby kick and roll inside your belly is an amazing experience that many women treasure, it can definitely be a nuisance if you're trying to sleep, enjoy a meal or concentrate on your work. What exactly is Junior doing in there? And is there anything you can do to calm him down? Right around the sixth or seventh month of your pregnancy, you can expect your baby to begin moving in a noticeable way. However, even if it feels like your little one is doing backflips in there, …

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How accurate is your due date?

When you're expecting a baby, it can sometimes feel like it's impossible to wait all the way until your due date to meet your little one. And when you're taking birthing classes and learning about labor, the day your baby will arrive is never far from your thoughts. But how accurate is the doctor's estimation of your impending arrival's first birthday?As it turns out, due dates are pretty accurate. Sure, your doc may not get the exact date and time, but he or she can almost certainly …

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