Why your pregnancy will suffer without iron

Maintaining a healthy diet during a pregnancy is a challenge that many moms have to face. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of expecting is ensuring that you're getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support yourself and your growing baby. Iron is one of these minerals. Because your body doesn't make iron on its own, you have to get it from outside sources, like food or supplements. Iron is a crucial building block of hemoglobin, which is the substance in your …

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Manis and pedis while expecting: what you need to know

Nail art and flashy manicures and pedicures are totally trending, which means you're probably itching to try out the latest colors and designs on your digits. But can the chemicals in nail polishes and removers have negative effects on your unborn child? Here's what you need to know about saying yes to manis and pedis during a pregnancy. Fortunately, most experts agree that heading to the nail salon while expecting is perfectly safe. While some polishes and removers do use ingredients …

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How celebrities change their fashions to accommodate growing bellies

For many women, dealing with body changes that occur during a pregnancy can be difficult. After all, it can be a challenge to figure out whether your growing baby bump would look better covered up under loose clothing or shown off with tight-fitting fashions. If you're unsure what kind of pregnancy clothes are appropriate, there are many celebrity moms to look to for inspiration. Many famous mamas, like Jessica Simpson and Uma Thurman, began their pregnancies wearing loose-fitting outfits …

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Which Mad Men star pops placenta pills?

Celebrities are often known for trying out-there diets and strange beauty treatments. But perhaps the most noteworthy recent news is that January Jones, who plays Betty Draper on Mad Men, admitted that she's taking placenta pills to keep her energy levels up post-pregnancy during the filming of the show's new season. "I have a great doula who makes sure I’m eating well, with vitamins and teas, and with placenta capsulation," she said during a Mad Men press junket. Of …

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Is cord blood banking worth it?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about the usefulness of seemingly worthless pregnancy remnants, including the placenta and umbilical cord. One of the most popular uses for the umbilical cord involves storing the blood inside of it. Keeping the cord blood in a bank gives families access to the many stem cells in it, which can help treat medical issues your little one and the rest of your family may encounter down the road. But is banking cord blood really worth it? Cord blood stem cells …

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Hate being pregnant? You’re not alone

Imagine for a minute that you don't have a growing baby inside of you. You're simply putting on a lot of weight, feeling sick all the time and suddenly making excessive trips to the bathroom. You have an urge to eat all manner of strange foods and your moods are constantly changing. You probably wouldn't like it if any of these things were happening to you normally, so who says you're supposed to enjoy them during a pregnancy? If you're feeling guilty about hating pregnancy, …

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Embrace yoga and keep from going crazy during your pregnancy

Despite what you may think, exercise is perfectly possible during a pregnancy. If you were rigorous about a routine before you became pregnant, chances are you can still maintain that program to some degree throughout the entire time you're expecting. As long as you pay attention to what your body is telling you and avoid dangerous positions and activities that could cause problems, you should be able to remain active, even during your third trimester! However, if the thought of running or …

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Will cell phone use during pregnancy lead to baby behavioral issues?

A recent mice study performed by the Yale School of Medicine suggests that cell phone radiation during a pregnancy could have an effect on the brain development of the fetus, leading to behavioral issues down the road. Researchers exposed pregnant mice to radiation from a muted and silent cell phone placed on an active phone call that was put on top of the cage. Another group of mice was exposed to a deactivated cell phone. The adult mice that were exposed to the phones in the womb were later …

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What A-list celebrity mom lies to her child?

It's hard not to envy Jessica Alba: she has a gorgeous face, the perfect hair, a smokin' body, a hot career and a heavenly family life. That's probably why Parenting Magazine decided to interview her on some of her "A ha!" motherhood moments - after all, she's gone through the whole celebrity pregnancy thing twice! Little lies Alba mentioned in the interview that she tells her first child, three-year-old Honor, several little white lies to encourage healthy behavior. …

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Are you gaining too much weight during your pregnancy?

Weight is a sensitive subject for many women, and the weight gained during a pregnancy is no different. Some ladies balk at the idea of putting on more pounds, but the reality is that it's necessary for the healthy growth of your baby. Here are a few guidelines to help you figure out how high the scales should be tipping. According to the American Pregnancy Association, how much you gain while you're pregnant depends on your body mass index (BMI) and weight before pregnancy. If you …

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