Which 41-year-old movie star is expecting her third child?

It looks like Uma Thurman, the 41-year-old movie star who shined in films like Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, is behind the latest celebrity pregnancy to hit the tabloids. According to People Magazine, the actress is looking forward to giving birth to the first child for the star and businessman boyfriend Arpad Busson, a 49-year-old father of two children (whose mom is none other than model Elle MacPherson). Thurman is already the mother of daughter Maya, 13, and son Levon, 10, with her …

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Three unusual facts about pregnancy

Long before deciding to start a family, most women have preconceptions about what it's like to be pregnant. From the basic concepts of gaining weight to the varying opinions on epidurals versus a natural birth, there are several elements of pregnancy that are frequently discussed and portrayed by the media. But what about some of those lesser-known facts? If you're expecting, be ready for the unexpected. A sixth sense? There are many myths that revolve around predicting the gender of …

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Secret tips for managing morning sickness at work

Is that nauseous feeling creeping up at all hours of the day? As a working expectant mom, you'll need a few go-to tips for preventing and eliminating morning sickness while you're in the office. After all, no one wants to get sick in front of their coworkers!1. Snack frequently. Keeping your stomach coated with a layer of food can keep nausea at bay. Crackers are a well-known option for relieving discomfort and peppermint candies can also help.2. Stay hydrated. In addition to plenty of …

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Do post-partum belly binders really work?

Every year it seems like numerous celebrity moms grace the covers of magazines back at their pre-pregnancy size mere weeks after giving birth. While most women don't have access to a team of professional trainers who are dedicated to helping them drop the baby weight, there is one secret weapon of the stars that they can try - belly binders. Recently, Brooke Burke Charvet, host of Dancing With the Stars, made headlines when she launched her own line of belly binders after noticing how much …

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Beyonce rocked high heels during pregnancy…but is it safe?

Pictures of celebrity moms-to-be strutting down the street in 5-inch heels aren't hard to come by, including big names like Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Recently, photos of model Alessandra Ambrosio on the catwalk while five months pregnant have circulated around the web. The extra baby weight didn't stop this 30-year-old mom from wearing dangerously high heels as she worked the runway at Sao Paolo Fashion Week. But is it safe for expecting women to wear these sexy shoes? Some experts …

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Is surrogacy motherhood? Elizabeth Banks speaks out about her surrogate-born baby

The first officially recognized surrogate arrangement was made in 1976, and since then hundreds of mothers have had children through surrogacy, including Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Banks. Thirty-seven-year-old Banks, who stars in the highly-anticipated films The Hunger Games and What to Expect When You're Expecting, and her husband, producer Max Handelman, had a baby boy last year through a gestational surrogate. The new mom shared her feelings about the arrangement in a recent interview …

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Is Valentine’s Day sex an option during pregnancy?

The short answer is, yes! During a "normal," low-risk pregnancy it is safe to have sex all the way up until labor. Many women experience fluctuating levels of desire, but if you and your partner are both in the mood for making love this Valentine's Day, having a baby on the way doesn't have to put an end to the fun. What is a "normal" pregnancy? Normal can be a very relative term, but in this case, women who have low to no apparent risk for miscarriage or pre-term …

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How to let your husband know what you really want this Valentine’s Day

When you're in your second trimester and are barely able to fit your swelling feet into your favorite pair of shoes, going to a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day may be the last thing you want to do. If you're worried that your husband might not know about how you envision celebrating the holiday of love, don't force him to figure out what you want on his own! Telling him exactly what you want to do is a fail-safe way to end up with the evening you've been dreaming …

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Top 3 Valentine’s Day date night ideas to keep the romance alive during a pregnancy

With a bun in the oven that will arrive in a few months, opportunities to spend time alone with your partner may soon be few and far between. Take advantage of this Valentine's Day and plan a romantic evening that will give the two of you the chance to strengthen your bond and enjoy some quality time together. Dinner and a movie. This classic date night activity almost never disappoints. Instead of squeezing into the tight rows of the local movie theater, you may want to rent the latest …

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Is it possible to maintain good oral health while expecting?

Now that you're pregnant, you may be wondering if routine dental procedures such as X-rays and a cleaning are safe. You can set your anxieties aside because you should continue to visit your dentist every six months for a regular exam - maintaining your oral health is good for both you and your baby! Some experts believe that a trip to the dentist is most ideal between the 14th and the 20th week of pregnancy - after you reach the third trimester, it may be uncomfortable to lean back in the …

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