Kendra Wilkinson keeps baby bump active and chic

Kendra Wilkinson of former "The Girls Next Door" fame is expecting her second child, a girl, in May. So far during her pregnancy, she's shown fans that she's staying active and looking chic while she's at it, heading to do errands and watching her first child's soccer game.Over the weekend, the reality star and her husband, Hank Baskett, went to their son Hank's soccer game in Calabasas, Calif. While the 4-year-old ran around on the soccer field, Kendra ran up …

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4 conversation topics to avoid like the plague during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time, so it's totally normal to want to share the experience with everyone you're close to. You might want to tell your mom every single detail of your pregnancy symptoms or have hour-long conversations with your best friend about all the things you need to do while preparing for pregnancy. But maybe you shouldn't talk to your friends and family about every little thing while you're getting ready for baby. Some topics are better left undiscussed …

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Top 10 tricks for soothing a teething baby

The timing differs for everyone, but most babies will start to show teeth around the age of 6 months. The first to appear are usually the two bottom front teeth, followed by the two top front teeth. You can usually tell when your first child starts teething, as he or she might start to drool more, chew on solid objects or act a lot crankier. But you don't have to sit by and watch helplessly as your child copes with sore, tender gums. There are many tips and tricks you can use to help …

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When is your baby’s fever dangerous?

Getting sick is a fact of life. We've all been there at some point or another, and it's never fun. Once you have your first born, it's going to be your responsibility to take care of him or her during sickness. One of the most common issues in babies and small children is fever. While a fever isn't a sickness in itself, it's often a symptom of another illness that may require medical attention. But how do you know if your child has a fever, and when should you call his …

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What are the best sex positions during pregnancy?

Depending on which trimester you're in, you're either really excited about the prospect of sex or it's pretty much the last thing on your mind. You might be a little too preoccupied with nausea and fatigue during the first trimester to care much about what your partner or your body wants, but in the second trimester, you're probably raring to go. The third trimester could go either way - at the beginning, sex seems doable, but once you're ready to pop, it's not …

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Olivia Wilde dresses her bump in casual chic maternity clothes

There's nothing more comfortable than worn-in T-shirts, leggings and cozy sweaters, and it seems like actress Olivia Wilde is well aware of this. The star, who's expecting her first child with fiance actor Jason Sudeikis, has been seen out and about in New York wearing the chicest, most comfortable maternity clothes we've ever seen.Not everyone manages to look pulled together in T-shirts and leggings, but Olivia pulls it off well with her carefully chosen accessories and carefree …

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7 things you can kiss goodbye when you enter motherhood

When you're getting ready for pregnancy for the first time, you're probably so excited about the prospect of holding your first born in your arms that you completely ignore the negative aspects involved. Who cares about all those pregnancy hormone changes and difficult pregnancy symptoms when your dream is finally coming true? It's always good to be positive, but sometimes you have to take a good hard look at some less-than-thrilling aspects of motherhood to fully prepare yourself. …

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The truth about stay-at-home moms

Many women grow up with the dream of becoming stay-at-home moms once they start a family. After all, when you're envisioning life as a first time mother, you're probably not factoring nannies, daycare and babysitters into the equation. Nothing's more daydream-worthy than you and your first born spending unlimited quality time together. So, if your finances allow it and your partner has no problem with it, becoming a stay-at-home mom might seem like a dream come true - until it …

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Women as breadwinners: What happens during pregnancy?

Back in the 1950s, the typical family was made up of a mom, dad and their children. The dad would head out to work each morning and come home later that night, while the mom would stay at home taking care of the kids, cleaning the house and cooking meals. For years, this was society's norm - but it isn't anymore. Nowadays, families can be a lot more complicated than just the mom, dad and kids. It could be the mom, her boyfriend, her kids, his kids and a grandmother. It could be a …

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What happens to your skin during pregnancy?

Women who are getting ready for pregnancy might have a few misconceptions when it comes to some of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy. For example, everyone's heard of the infamous "pregnancy glow," but is that really what will happen to your skin once you capitalize on the best days to get pregnant and find out you're expecting? For most women, the answer is an unfortunate no. Here are some of the biggest changes that may occur in your skin during pregnancy, as …

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