What to do when your water breaks during pregnancy

There’s nothing black and white about childbirth. For one woman, the experience might last six hours, whereas another mom might labor for 37. From episiotomies to epidurals, there are variables aplenty, ensuring each woman’s experience in labor and delivery is a unique one.While movies and television like to tell us that each woman’s labor begins with a splash of amniotic fluid, real life tells another story. In fact, only 15 percent of moms experience their water breaking before …

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Will eating fish make you less stressed during pregnancy?

Getting ready for baby is enough to make any first time mom feel pretty stressed out from time to time, and with good reason!But what if there was a healthy, all-natural way of scaling back your anxiety levels and getting a rejuvenating burst of energy while you're sporting that oh-so-cute baby bump? Chances are you'd be pretty psyched, and it turns out, there's a way after all: Just eat some fish. Something fishy during pregnancy According to one Brazilian study, eating one serving of …

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Everything you ever wanted to know about pregnancy sex

It's no secret that your sex drive is about as wild as a car chase in a summer blockbuster when you're pregnant. One day you can't stand the thought of your partner touching you, while the next you're practically ready to ambush him when he walks through the door. Whether it's the furthest thing from your mind or a topic you can't stop thinking about, sex during pregnancy is something that you need to familiarize yourself with. After all, just like every other aspect of your life, your time …

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Keri Russell dishes out advice for supportive dads-to-be

Expectant mom Keri Russell, star of the cult favorite TV show The Americans, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this week. The actress, who got her start starring on the teen drama Felicity, is pregnant with her third child with co-star Matthew Rhys. In between talking about her latest pregnancy and her hit show, Russell took time to offer the late night host some sage advice on being a supportive husband to a first-time mom-to-be: "Just say 'yes, you're right' and be so …

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Sex drive after birth: Advice for first time mothers

A recent study looked at the average libido of new dads and first time mothers, and found that stress and fatigue can, understandably, drastically affect sex lives post-baby. However, researchers also found that new parents will experience "sexual highs" given the limited free time they have to be intimate.The report noted that while the common belief is that sexual disinterest after birth stems from a lack of attraction or breast-feeding status, it's more because new parents are just plain …

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How Men Cause Women to Nag & What They Can Do to Stop It

Nagging sucks for everyone involved, but women get all the blame for it.Men don't realize how much they do to cause the nagging and this week's video outlines what they do to cause the dynamic and what they can do to stop it so their family can get back to a more playful and healthy exchange.This video is aimed at helping men change the dynamic, but women will likely find it illuminative and may want to pass it along to their partners.Watch more videos at Full Frontal …

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Can eating fish during pregnancy make your baby smarter?

If you were given the choice between having a baby with above-average intelligence and a baby with below-average intelligence, chances are you'd want the smarter baby, right? Which means that during pregnancy, you'd likely be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. In the quest to produce more intelligent offspring, you may have come across the claim that eating fish while you're pregnant or breastfeeding can make your baby smarter. But is this really true?It turns out, there …

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The pros and cons of having a second baby

When it comes to determining the size and spacing of your family, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Maybe you and your partner are dreaming of a house full of children. On the other hand, maybe you’re drawn to the idea of raising a single child. Puzzled about where you fall on the family planning spectrum? Consider these pros and cons to welcoming baby number two: Pros Greatest gift: A sibling may be the greatest gift to give your son or daughter. Growing up with a brother or sister …

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Are you raising kids with commitment issues?

Ever wonder why so many men are afraid of commitment or so many women are afraid of abandonment?  All too often it is because we are unknowingly using our kids to meet our own needs. I can’t tell you how many really emotionally intelligent parents I see significantly impacting their children's ability to navigate relationships. The reality is that we all do it, but the more aware we are of the potential, the more we can protect our children’s opportunities for having really healthy …

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Can women dye their hair during pregnancy?

When you find out that you're pregnant, you'll start hearing all kinds of things that you should and shouldn't do as a first time mother. You might be told not to touch cats (unnecessary), not to eat fish (just high-mercury types) or to take a prenatal vitamin (this is a good idea). Another thing people might caution you about is dyeing your hair. But do you really have to go without your color for nine months? It may seem like a scary prospect, but here are the facts. Is it safe? For the …

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