How to handle mom’s unsolicited advice during pregnancy

Partly out of superstition, and partly because of Jewish tradition, Liz Gumbinner of Brooklyn, NY, asked her family not to give her baby gifts until the very end of her pregnancy. “When I was six weeks pregnant, and just two days after we’d announced it,” Gumbinner says, “My overexcited mother-in-law sent a onesie set.”There’s no getting around it: Becoming a parent changes your relationship with your own parents forever, in good ways and annoying ones. To cope with this dynamic …

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Dream or reality? A blood test for postpartum depression

Would you believe that, each year in the United States, more people suffer from postpartum depression than they do strokes, or even heart attacks? The numbers are so high—roughly 950,000 new moms every year—and the effects so heart-wrenching that science is scrambling to the rescue. A new study, published this summer in the medical journal Frontiers in Genetics, suggests researchers are well on their way to identifying the women most at risk. The details The medical field has long touted …

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Can a baby born by C-section become president of the USA?

Is a c-section a "natural" birth (at least as far as the constitution is concerned)? Here's a fascinating question for pregnant moms with a planned Caesarean section: Do the words "natural born" define presidential eligibility in the U.S. Constitution preclude a baby born of a c-section to eventually become president of the United States?While some lawyers may argue over what "natural" means, it's hard to imagine the framers' intent wasn't the opposite of "native."  At the same time, …

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Prepare a will now to protect your baby for a lifetime

Wills, guardianship, and life insurance — important details you should take care of when baby’s bornWhen you’re expecting a baby, there’s so much to do! Shopping, choosing a name, preparing a will, and taking childbirth preparation classes are just a few of the things that will keep you busy. No wonder the nine months go by so fast!Did you catch the part about preparing a will? Don’t fret, a lot of people want to avoid the subject. But now that you’re a parent, …

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6 weird facts about pregnancy you haven’t heard

Proving that truth can be stranger than fiction, these weird facts about pregnancy may make you do a double-take at your computer screen. No, you’re not dreaming. And no, we’re not making this stuff up. You can get pregnant while expecting While it’s extremely rare, there have been 10 reported cases of women carrying two babies with two different due dates. The phenomenon is called superfetation and happens when an expectant mom continues to ovulate during pregnancy. Now, that’s a …

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Choosing the obstetrician or midwife for you

Choosing an obstetrician or midwife to provide your medical care is perhaps the biggest decision you'll make throughout your pregnancy, so you want to make sure you're choosing the one that works best for you.Some women spend weeks, maybe even months, searching for the health care provider that they feel comfortable with, and then there are others that find them on the first try. You might find that your doctor is a great gynecologist but doesn't practice obstetrics or has a different view …

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Go ahead, work out during pregnancy

I found the postcard, written in 1945, in a dust-filled corner of my grandmother’s closet. It was a letter of encouragement—Bubby’s doctor urging my healthy, five months–pregnant grandmother to “keep your feet up, rest as much as possible.”In the 60 years since Bubby’s first pregnancy, that advice has gone from passé to downright absurd. More than ever, pregnant women in good health are encouraged to keep active during the full nine months, assured it will make for less …

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3 safe ways to clean your home during pregnancy

It's a scary thought that no one wants to entertain, but our homes could be a potential wonderland of toxins. Between household cleaners, personal care products and even myriad plastics, there's a great deal of unwanted chemicals circulating about our living spaces. As you prep for your little one's arrival, add cleaning up around home to your pre-baby to-do list. Here's how to get started:Ditch plastics The National Institutes of Health has raised our alarms about the plastic industry, …

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How to prepare for your first baby’s birth

Here comes baby! Consider this your indispensable guide to prepping yourself in those final days before the birth. Here's what to check off your to-do list: Learning to breathe Maybe just as important as the techniques they teach you in birthing class are the friends you meet. Lamaze class is a great place to connect with other couples with babies the same age. At my class, we saw a few graphic videos, learned a few breathing techniques, and got a bunch of numbers. I’m not sure how much we …

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Bunnies By the Bay Glad Dreams Coat

This adorable gift set arrived and my heart swooned when I opened it. The set contains a beautiful cream-colored faux fur swing coat, a bunny muff, and an adorable hat in the same faux fur material with bunny ears. The quality of the items is superb – everything is well made and the fabric is the softest material on the outside with a soft satiny finish on the inside. This is truly one of those gifts you will want to treasure as a keepsake, yet the fact that the items are all machine …

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