Heads-up! What to expect when baby’s bottom-down

Breech babies - what you need to knowWhen it comes to childbirth, the best advice we can give a mom-to-be is to expect the unexpected. A due date may come and go with no sign of labor. A natural delivery may leave you begging for an epidural - and a baby may never get into the correct birthing position in the first place. If the latter should happen, and your little one is labeled breech, here's what you need to know: What is breech? A breech baby is one who never turns head-down inside …

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Road rules for traveling pregnant moms

Road Rules for traveling pregnant momsSummer road trips don’t have to be off-limits now that you’re pregnant. Here’s what you need to know for safe long-distance travel by car   When and Where to Go Your second trimester, 13 to 26 weeks into your pregnancy, is the best time to travel—you’re over the constant queasiness but still have plenty of time before your due date. When choosing your destination, aim for relaxation and comfort. Avoid high altitudes because you may …

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Top 6 pregnancy beauty tips to bust out this Valentine’s Day

Not all women are in love with their bodies during pregnancy, which means they'll do anything they can to feel better about their growing baby bump and the rest of the physical changes that can occur. If you're not feeling your sexiest but you want to really wow your partner on Valentine's Day, don't worry. There are plenty of beauty tips you can use to add a little oomph to your appearance. Try a few - or all! - of these top six.1. Moisturize Skin changes aren't uncommon during pregnancy. …

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Tips to avoid Melasma from the sun during pregnancy

Getting even a few extra rays during pregnancy can put you at risk for developing melasma, a skin discoloration that’s also called chloasma or “the mask of pregnancy.” While the condition does not cause medical complications in mom or baby, it is visible as brown patches, often on the face. Why does melasma crop up? “During pregnancy, the skin cells that make pigment become overly sensitive to sunlight due to excess hormones in the body,” says Joel M. Gelfand, M.D., assistant …

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How to get your Wife Pregnant & Deal with Fertility Issues

Making a baby can be pure delight or a nightmare. Fertility issues can destroy relationships. If we leave it to the woman to manage this nightmare, it can lead to an imbalance in the relationship that often has long standing detrimental impacts. Fortunately, if we men get in there and know how to help the process, it can not only make conception a lot easier, it can also bring you much closer to your partner. If you are equally empowered, the family balance is maintained and everyone thrives. …

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The new birth trend that could boost your baby’s immunity

Boosting your baby's immunity through "seeding" A new trend in Australian childbirth seeks to level the playing field for babies born by Cesarean section. Seeding, though still a fringe practice, involves swabbing C-section-born babies with vaginal fluid - introducing them to the same bacteria their vaginally born counterparts benefit from.When born naturally, babies are pushed through the birth canal, exposing them to more than 300 good bacteria. These microbes boost baby's immunity and …

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18 Tips for the Clueless new Dad-to-be

Face it: Some guys are simply oblivious to the pregnancy thing.The minute two little lines appear on the pee stick, they’re thrust into a world they just don’t understand. In his book Dave Barry Turns 50, humorist Dave Barry offers this timeless advice that ought to keep newly diagnosed dads out of trouble: “You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she’s pregnant, unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.” …

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C-sections linked to chronic disease in kids

As if anyone would hope to end up on the operating table during childbirth, now there's another compelling reason to avoid an unnecessary Cesarean section: Children born by this surgical procedure may suffer from chronic health conditions as a result.While no one's arguing that a C-section can be a lifesaving, medically necessary procedure, there's growing concern among the medical community that going under the knife isn't always warranted. Whether performed out of habit, convenience or a …

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3 childbirth myths: Busted!

Let's call a spade a spade: When it comes to childbirth, Hollywood almost always gets it wrong. If your knowledge of labor and delivery is largely informed by what you've seen on the big screen, then you're in for a surprise or two. Here are some of the biggest myths about giving birth that movies perpetuate: Myth No. 1: Labor begins with your water breaking We all know the scene: A woman and her partner are out shopping. One minute she's absolutely fine, and the next she's looking wide-eyed …

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The pregnant woman’s guide to BBQ safety

From floppy sun hats to sandals, the signs of summer are all around us. With this deliciously sunny season comes one more reason to celebrate: The backyard barbecue. But before you enjoy another grill-fest with your friends, take a moment to read up on important prenatal safety measures. Keep you and your little one safe from harm by raising an eyebrow to these barbecue treats: Hot dogs Hot dogs and deli meats may be contaminated with a harmful bacteria called listeria. For most cases, …

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