5 fashion tips for a stylish pregnancy

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5 fashion tips for a stylish pregnancy

Women's bodies go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, not all of which are favorable. Glowing skin might be a bonus, but one that could lead to more breakouts. Thicker, shinier hair on your head could be coupled with thicker hair on your arms and legs. And, of course, pregnancy comes with some added weight. All of these put together might make you less likely to feel as sexy as you should, but with the best maternity clothes, it's easier to feel good about how you look. Here are five fashion tips to ensure that you're wearing only the most stylish maternity clothes.

1. Embrace low necklines
Now's the best time to put your assets on display, since they'll be bigger and better than usual. Don't reveal more cleavage than you're comfortable with, but whenever possible, opt for V-neck or scoop-neck tanks, T-shirts, sweaters and maternity dresses. Knowing you're rocking them will be a huge boost to your self-confidence.

2. Go with wrap dresses
Whenever you're in the market for sexy maternity dresses, choose wrap dresses. The cut is always very comfortable, the fabric is flowy and forgiving, and there are no annoying buttons or anything that you have to worry about in the front. Of course, the deep V-neck also takes tip No. 1 into account.

3. Choose monochromatic outfits
Life is busy when you're getting ready for baby, so no one can blame you for choosing low-maintenance outfits. For a quick style that looks pulled-together, choose a monochromatic ensemble. Use different hues of the same color or go with the always-in-style black and white combination. It's easy but looks great.

4. Resist the urge to go big
Not many women are 100 percent happy with the way their bodies look during pregnancy – they might not like their upper arms, their swollen ankles or their new tummies. But it's better not to choose clothes that are big enough to hide your new bulk. Instead, pick items that are fitted but not tight or restrictive. Stretchy fabrics will embrace your form and add femininity. You can even wear some of your pre-pregnancy clothes, like button-down shirts or cardigans left unbuttoned, as well as jeans that still fit but could benefit from a waist extender.

5. Belt it
Your baby bump is probably the thing you love most about your pregnancy body, so show it off! A belt is one of the best ways to do this – but it has to be placed correctly. It should always go just on top of your bump underneath your bust. Either add one on top of a shirt, sweater or dress, or pick clothes that have a built-in belt or sash in this area. A floppy bow or mini buckle will add flair and draw just the right amount of attention to your bump. This is especially helpful in those in-between weeks when you're definitely bigger but don't have a truly defined bump yet – it'll let people know that you're pregnant – not big!

 5 fashion tips for a stylish pregnancy

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