7 fun things to do if you’re pregnant on Valentine’s Day

February 03, 2014 4:05 PM by

Pregnancy isn’t always a picnic, especially if you’re in your third trimester and are starting to feel like you’re going to be sporting a baby bump for what seems like the rest of your life. With pregnancy symptoms and all kinds of other things on your mind, it’s sometimes hard to relax and have fun. So how can you have a good time on Valentine’s Day if your feet hurt, your back aches and you’re feeling less than sexy? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, here’s a list of some fun things to do this Valentine’s Day that’ll make you feel good.
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1. Make it a gourmet day

If you’re into cooking (or going out to eat) now’s the perfect time to indulge. While healthy foods should always be your first choice and it’s important to stick to your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to eating extra calories during pregnancy, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself on Valentine’s Day. Cook up a gourmet dish for each meal or go out for your favorite foods. Your stomach and your partner will appreciate the extra love!

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1. Make it a gourmet day

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