Week 35: The pregnancy home stretch!

You finally made it to the home stretch of your pregnancy. You've only got five weeks left - and there's a lot to be excited about.Your changing lifeAs you reach the end of your pregnancy, you may notice that on top of your excitement, fear is starting to set in. Being nervous about labor, delivery and bringing your little babe home is normal and every woman goes through it, so there's no reason to think you're being dramatic.Your weekly doctor appointments likely include a …

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Week 39: Woah baby!

You're just one week away from your due date and have probably reached the point where the only thing you want is to be on your way to delivery. Trust us, we get it and we totally understand. It's been a long journey to get to milestone and your patience is probably wearing thin as you're feeling enormous. Your changing lifeFalse labor is a common pregnancy symptom at this stage. The pain typically starts in the front of your body and will dissipate when you …

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Week 37: Watch for labor

You've reached week 37 and your baby is officially considered full term. That means that if you were to go into labor right now, he or she will have developed most of the body's crucial functions. While you're reaching the point in your pregnancy where you just want baby to be here already, be patient. Do what you can to enjoy these last few weeks sans child with your partner, take long naps (because they won't come frequently in the near future!).Your changing …

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Week 38: Bumpin’ pumpkin!

With just two weeks to go, you're nearly there! The realization that you're going to have a baby soon is setting in and you're more anxious than you've ever been to meet your little one. Although there isn't too much excitement in these last couple of weeks, the biggest things you need to look out for are signs of labor. Baby has been considered full term for a week now, so if you were to deliver there likely wouldn't be much of an issue. Your changing …

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Labor and delivery – Relax! Time’s finally up!

It's somewhere around 40 weeks after you first became pregnant, and time's finally run out! Whether it's week 38, week 40 or week 42 of your pregnancy, you and your little one are finally ready to work together to get this thing going. And while you're no doubt relieved that you'll get to meet your baby and get back to your normal self again, there's still a long road ahead, and that road's called labor and delivery. Here's what you can expect during this …

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Pregnancy week 42 – This is it … for real

YOUR CHANGING LIFERelax - this is your last week Welcome to week 42 of your pregnancy. Did you ever think that you would be one of those women who makes it to this point? Even though it might feel like you're the most pregnant woman on earth, you're actually not alone. Plenty of moms-to-be have post-term babies, and it's not always because they're actually "late." In fact, studies have shown that 70 percent of post-term births are actually right on schedule. This …

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Pregnancy week 41 – What’s the holdup?

YOUR CHANGING LIFETake it easy - you'll make it! Welcome to week 41 of your pregnancy. You might not have thought that you'd make it this far, considering that most due dates are calculated based on a 40-week pregnancy period - but don't worry. Millions of women go past their due dates, and it can be for a variety of reasons. Your date of conception could have been a little off or your baby's just not ready to come out yet! Either way, there's nothing to stress over …

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Pregnancy week 34 – Pop goes your belly button! (And other pregnancy quirks)

YOUR CHANGING LIFEFrom innie to outie and everything in betweenWelcome to week 34 of your pregnancy. You're one week closer to meeting the little guy or gal who's been giving you so much to think about over the last few trimesters, and while you may feel like you know your baby pretty well at this point, the fact is, you're only just getting started!Right now, your uterus is resting 5 1/2¬†inches over your belly button - if you're normally an innie, you may have noticed this week …

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Pregnancy week 33 – Counting down the seconds

YOUR CHANGING LIFEFocus on "you time" Welcome to week 33 of your pregnancy. From late-night bathroom runs to the feeling that you just can't get one night's worth of restful sleep, you're probably feeling the pressure of your growing baby like never before.As you edge nearer to your delivery date, you may find that your physical movements are more limited. At this time, your uterus is about 5 inches from your belly button, giving you a full-fledged baby bump …

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Pregnancy Week 32 – Are we there yet?

YOUR CHANGING LIFEPay¬†attention to those phantom flutters Welcome to week 32 of your pregnancy. Right around now, you may start to notice that your body is experiencing more than just aches and pains. As your due date draws nearer, each feeling of discomfort is actually a sign that your body is preparing in a big way for what's to come.If you didn't notice Braxton Hicks contractions last week, chances are you'll start picking up on them now. When women are affected by Braxton Hicks, they often …

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