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    Pregnancy Week 7 – almost time to break the news!

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Noticing both positives and negatives It's week seven of your pregnancy, and you might still be feeling a bit rough if you experienced the onset of morning sickness last week. While this nausea may not go anywhere soon (it's usually gone after 14 weeks for about half of women, and about four weeks after that for the remaining expectant moms), it's not the only big change that's occurred in your body recently. While no one can tell that you're pregnant …

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    Pregnancy Week 6 – first trimester troubles?

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Feeling a little cranky? Welcome to week six of your pregnancy. By now, the excitement has probably died down a bit (although it's probably never going to go away completely) and you may be starting to really feel the effects of carrying a child in your womb. On the outside, nothing may seem very different - you're certainly not going to start showing at this point - but that doesn't mean that nothing's happening on the inside. Lately, you may have started …

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    Pregnancy, week 5 – let the excitement begin!

    YOUR CHANGING LIFE Big things are happening - but you might not notice Last week was when your little embryo attached to the lining of your uterus, and now big things are starting to happen in there. But what's going on with you at this point in your pregnancy? Most likely, you don't feel that different right now (physically, at least!). However, some new moms report feeling more fatigued than usual during the first several weeks - after all, growing a baby is hard work! Aside from …

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    Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now what?

    YOUR CHANGING LIFELet the baby countdown begin!Now that your fertilized egg has nestled into the lining of your uterus, you're officially ready to start tracking your baby's growth and development (as well as your own symptoms!). So what's really going on right now, and what can you do about it?The fourth week of pregnancy is the starting point from which your pregnancy will be measured, as it's the week when implantation occurs. But because most women can't …

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