Your diaper essentials

August 05, 2011 3:12 AM by

You might think that becoming a new parent is all cooing babies, warm milk bottles and adorable onesies, but there is one part of parenting that no one likes to remember: diapers. Changing diapers is the most notoriously unwelcome part of parenthood, but it doesn't have to be a dreaded event. While we doubt you'll ever leap at the chance to change Junior's undies, these essentials will make the process much easier.

1. Wipes. Baby wipes are essential to ensure a clean bottom that's free of irritation or diaper rash, so make sure you pick up a pack (or 20). Additionally, try to close the tub of wipes properly to prevent the towlettes from drying out. If your little one is especially sensitive, a wipe warmer may also be a good investment – it will keep him from crying out when a cold, wet towel touches his newborn skin.

2. An organized diaper bag. Junior won't just need diaper changing in the house – you'll likely be wiping his tushie everywhere you go. With a diaper bag, you can carry the essentials with you and keep them organized by the side of your changing table when you're relaxing at home.

3. A diaper pail. Oh yes, the changing room isn't going to smell pleasant. But you can banish that used diaper smell with the right storage bin. Or, you can simply get used to it – after all, you're going to be around dirty diapers for a while!


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