Winter Has Me At Wits End

February 06, 2009 by

One of the worst things about having two children is the inevitability of sickness.

Last year, even with just one, I was housebound at least a few days each month due to runny noses, fevers or stomach viruses. This year it is even worse. We have spent more than 10 days unable to leave the house due to two tag team illnesses. And it is only January.

Mama needs to leave the house and workout to stay sane. Trying to squeeze my workout in to the limited daylight hours between Rob leaving for work and returning home is challenging to say the least (although I have managed to run 3 out of four of these past sick days, so not too bad, really).

Despite managing to eek out a couple four-milers, I am feeling low, low, low.

This winter is killing me. Mama needs some good news.

Between the illnesses, constant snow, ice, sleet and recession woes, I am done. Please, if you have any good news, send it my way. Because right now? I have about had it.


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