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The first year of baby's life is full of developmental leaps. Get the 411 on selecting the right toys for each stage to help your little one discover herself and her world. By Marianne M. Szymanski, founder of Toy Tips Research Institute

Some mom's idea of nirvana is never being separated from their babies, not for one second, day or night. For others, this concept seems like cruel and unusual punishment, for both baby and mom. But before you start running for the hills or buy baby slings in every color of...

Those itsy bitsy nails grow faster than you realize, especially since newborns tend to scratch their faces a lot. Here’s how to get it done without either of you shedding tears. Courtesy of The Cradle.

With so many choices, buying and installing a car seat can be daunting. To help you through it, here are 5 things every mom must know-plus 10 great seats to choose from. By Jeri Tulley