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Always In View Baby Monitor

December 27, 2013 by

Always In View Baby Monitor

MSRP– $199.99

Always In View is a video, baby monitor designed exclusively for cars.  A high-definition camera placed inside the plush broadcasts images of the baby to a color monitor conveniently placed on the dashboard of the car.  A puppy, giraffe, or monkey plush, each with long arms and buckles on the palms, positions easily on the back headrest of the car.  The camera with infrared lighting allows viewing day or night.  By quickly glancing, drivers significantly reduce the risk of distracted driving, unnecessary head turning, and awkward arm-reaching movements.

Always In View was created by three real parents; Giuseppe and Lizette Veneziano, and Eduardo Espinosa, with infants and toddlers of their own.  They came up with this reliable solution to a very serious problem from their own experiences of driving with their babies.  “When our children were born, it made us uneasy to drive, unless someone else was in the backseat. We also heard about the horror stories of parents forgetting their little ones in the car. We knew that other new parents had to share our same fears we had”, says Lizette Veneziano.  Always In View gives moms peace of mind, keeps children safer in the car, and promotes safe driving for everyone on the road.

 Always In View Baby Monitor
 Always In View Baby Monitor


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