Sejal Fichadia


I am CAPPA certified postpartum doula(CPD), infant massage educator, TummyTime™ tutor, a breastfeeding peer counselor and an USIKC certified kangaroo care professional (CKC). I have loved every minute of my work with new families and their babies.

I also chose to become certified as a TummyTime™ Tutor with Michelle Emanuel who is an OT, who developed this program. There is so much more to TummyTime™ then just having a baby lie on their tummy. I teach parents how to incorporate TummyTime™ in their day to day routine, while making it playful and fun.

Infant massage education is another skill that I feel every new parent should have in their toolbox. Growing up in India, I saw my siblings and cousins getting massaged every day as babies and never thought someday I would be an instructor. But, here I am teaching new parents this wonderful skill.

I heard about kangaroo care when I taking breastfeeding classes. I was intrigued by how magical it was and all the science behind it. I contacted Dr. Susan Ludington at United States Institute of Kangaroo Care ( and asked if I could take the certification training. I got my certification in kangaroo care last year and have been incorporating it in my work as a postpartum doula and a breastfeeding educator and counselor.

I love to provide all new parents with scientific and evidence based information when I work with them or teach them. I am a mother of two kids who are 12 years and 9 years old. I live in Portland, Oregon, a city known for its roses and lovingly called the Rose City.