Quiz: 7 things new moms might not know

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How saving for college can fit into your life as a new mom

They say life changes when you become a mother. And in so many ways, it’s true. Your body, your family, and your perspective on the world will never be the same. Being a parent comes with its ups and downs, but for all the sleepless nights, each day you get to hold the most precious thing you have ever known.Remaining positive isn’t always easy. Especially when it comes to missing out on activities that were a regular part of your life before the baby. But what if foregoing those …

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How to feel sexy again during pregnancy and motherhood

My pregnant and postpartum body brought up deeply ingrained painful body memories of the transitions and awkwardness that accompanied puberty.I was used to feeling confident, empowered, and present in my body. Now I felt weak, confused and detached. Why did this feel like a huge cruel joke that I was supposed to now care for my child in a body that I didn’t know, recognize, or want to be in? I didn’t know how to move around in this body.There is a loss of identity. A feeling that …

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What to pack when traveling with baby this summer

Flying to Bali is literally traveling to the opposite side of the world. The flight is exactly 26 hours, whether you fly east or west around the globe. When we decided to build our dream house in the rice paddies of Ubud, we had no idea I was pregnant with Baby Elvis. Now as we traveled to check-in on the completion of the house, we faced so many unknowns. Traveling two weeks to the tropics with our 4 month old son definitely brought well learned lessons and surprises.Pre-baby packing used …

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Why you should hit the gym postpartum

For most new moms, lacing up their sneakers and hitting the gym are perfectly safe things to do at six weeks postpartum. Your doctor or midwife will give you the green light on exercise when he or she feels you’re ready.While we’re never going to advocate for a new mom shedding her baby weight as fast as can be, know that there are elements of exercise that give postpartum women a boost - and they have nothing to do with weight loss. Here are four reasons to get your heart pumping …

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The top 6 mistakes new moms make

A doctor fesses up about what she would do differently You would think that a doctor would get pregnancy and new motherhood right. But even with all the medical knowledge I’ve garnered as an osteopathic physician and urogynecologist, I still found myself stumbling through the postpartum period after each of my daughters was born.The weeks after childbirth are a delicate time. Looking back, I can see the mistakes I made in caring for myself as my body healed and my heart and mind adjusted …

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7 ways to cherish the second trimester

Congratulations! You made it to the second trimester. Finally, morning sickness is a thing of the past. You've discovered a new found energy. And your baby bump is adorable. The second trimester is a time to be cherished. So enjoy it! Here's how:Be spontaneous:  Catch a matinee movie. Take a road trip. Do something on a whim. The second trimester is the time of your pregnancy when you can still embrace your independence, (ahem, you don't need your partner to tie your shoes... yet). So …

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How to sleep while there’s a newborn at home

Whoever came up with the saying “I slept like a baby” had no children. Here, the star of Nanny 911, Nanny Stella, shares her rules for getting good rest.Are you one of those couples who take turns to soothing the baby to sleep? Are you having baby sleep on your chest in the rocker? Are you driving baby around in the car or swaying baby to ­Carpenters’ love songs at 3 a.m.? Well, if you’re at the end of your rope and need some help, there is light at the end of the …

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Nursing’s not working?

Baby’s hungry and you’re bursting, but no one’s getting fed. Here’s what to do when Mother Nature throws a curve ball at your intentions to breastfeed Choosing to breastfeed is one of the first big decisions you’ll make as a new mom. And despite how natural it is supposed to be, it is actually just like many other learned things in life: It calls for a bit of practice, patience, and perseverance.In fact, sometimes it seems like there are just as many obstacles to …

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Worst mom ever?

I have to laugh when I think back at the blunders I committed in my sleep-deprived stupor during our oldest son Mason’s first few months. And I often marvel at the fact that my kids are each still in one piece.I’ve never shared these stories with anyone. But I know you won’t judge me, so here goes...Read more: Your ultimate guide to adjusting to motherhoodWhen Mason was 10 weeks old, our family stayed at my in-laws’ home, and all the baby gear was borrowed from my …

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