Genius tips for easing pregnancy stress right now

Prenatal tests—enough already! Choosing the perfect name—that conversation is getting way too old. And finding clothes for that ever-expanding bod? Make the torture end—now!Those are the cries of pre-birth stress, sister, and while they’re completely natural, you don’t have to suffer them willingly. Stress isn’t healthy for anyone, and, while we don’t want to scare you, research does show that stress can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, and even cause …

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Your ultimate guide to adjusting to motherhood

How to survive and thrive in a world where your new baby looms large Your hair is unwashed, you haven’t checked email in a week, and you have no clean underwear. Welcome to the “newborn zone,” a dimension controlled by a tiny dictator who has one priority: “Me. Now.”Of course, your infant is also your top priority. But there are a few other things you need to do, too. Like laundry. And showering. And fixing the occasional hot meal. And spending some time with your …

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How Down syndrome changed my perspective on motherhood

Seven months into my pregnancy, my doctor told me “Your amniotic fluid is low, you need to deliver today.” My fiancé’s sister drove me to the hospital and when I got a room in the labor and delivery area, the doctor finally came and I was induced with Pitocin.I was contracting so hard that the baby’s heart rate lowered and they gave me a choice of an epidural or a Cesarean section. I chose the epidural and after a few hours I had dilated to 10 centimeters. The …

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Dear new mom, don’t multi-task

Amid Tuesday’s tornado of getting the kids out the door, I got to thinking about the amazing multitasking skills that all mothers posses—or inevitably learn on the job. I was dressing Mason, helping Rex get off the toilet, eating my breakfast, checking email, and brainstorming story ideas all at the same time. I eventually got to work and the kids to school, but it wasn’t pretty.Five years ago, when I was pregnant with Mason, if I’d been able to flash forward and see my …

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How to conquer your fear of being a bad mom

Worried about not being able to care for your baby? Here’s how to bring out your inner mother One frustrating thing about motherhood: Everyone wants to give you advice. But then, when you really want explicit instructions for how to end non-stop crying or get baby to sleep for more than two hours straight, you’re likely to hear this gem: “Trust your instincts.”Admittedly, it’s tough to believe that once there’s a baby in your arms, you’re suddenly an expert. But …

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Parenting 101: Avoid these safety pitfalls

Baby mishaps will happen. Here’s how to keep your cool Mommy worry starts long before you’re a mommy. One moment you’re on the couch sipping chamomile, and the next you realize that you will actually be responsible for keeping a child alive until he reaches adulthood.That’s scary, considering what childbirth does to your already tapped-out brain space. You can be sure that you and your baby will have accidents. Fortunately, you can keep your wits about you and do the …

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5 common mistakes new parents make

New parenthood is overwhelming. For one, there's that whole new life to take care of - and there's also a mass of baby-related information to take in. There are do's and don'ts and safety precautions enough to make your head spin. But no matter how much you absorb as you set out on your parenting journey, keep in mind that all parents take wrong turns here and there. And while most of those so-called mistakes are harmless, there are a few common areas you'll want to pay particular attention to. …

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Family 2.0: Planning for life after babies

From the first pregnancy test to the first day of preschool, building your family can be an all-consuming experience. It may seem like all you’ve thought about lately are maternity wards, breastfeeding, and diaper changes. But now that you’re done expanding your family, how do you move on from the baby-making stage? These simple tips are designed to help you gently and smartly transition to life after babies: Clean house Babies require a lot of baggage, from cribs and swaddles to toys …

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Loving your pregnant body

If you find yourself noticing the girth more than the glow, take these steps to feel better. Get movingStudies show that women who exercise during pregnancy respond more positively to their changing bodies than those who don’t. An Australian study found that pregnant exercisers also had less anxiety and insomnia. The regular regimen, like walking or yoga, will help keep weight gain in balance, which will benefit you postpartum too. So clear your fitness routine with your ob/gyn, and then …

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Porn. Are Your Kids Protected?!

Say what you will about porn, there is no question about how bad it is when our kids view it. Shockingly, I can't tell you how many really conscious parents I know who aren't protecting their kids from the plethora of extremely available online pornography. As a psychotherapist, I see so many people who are really suffering with porn addictions and distorted senses of their sexuality as a result of finding porn when they were young. This week's video talks about the problem and the steps …

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