Best Start to breastfeeding?

Q: What can I do to help my milk supply start strong and stay that way?  I am about to have my second baby and I want to exclusively breastfeed this time around.  With my first, I never felt like I had enough milk and supplemented with formula from the beginning.  A: First of …

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Bowel movement during labor?

Q: Is it true that people can have a BM during labor?A: This is one of the most common qestions women ask their physicians. Patients want to know if we still give enemas at the hospital. I inform patients that many practitioners no longer give enemas before labor. Many patients have a BM during …

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How to pick an OB/GYN

Q: What questions do I ask while shopping for an Ob/Gyn?A: Patients need to be their own advocates. I tell patients to come armed with both questions that they may have regarding the pregnancy and with expectations they have for their delivery. An open line of communication with your health care …

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Safe to deliver at home?

Q: Is it safe to deliver my baby at home?A: In a day and age where technology is more advanced than ever before, an increasing number of women are selecting to adopt more natural plans for childbirth.  As a physician, I see varying degrees of ‘natural’ plans.  Some patients choose to …

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Ask the Doctor: Why get genetic testing before pregnancy?

Q: Why get genetic testing before we even know if we have a baby? What if there are problems?A: A genetic carrier screening test can be done before or during pregnancy to identify if you carry a gene mutation (change) that could mean you’re at risk to have a child with a genetic disease. …

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Ask the Doctor: Moles on new baby dangerous?

Q: Are moles on my new baby potentially dangerous? A: Only about 1 percent of infants are born with a mole.  Moles are pigmented cells that cluster together and are known as a “congenital nevus.” If born with them, they can be brown, tan or pink in color but can also look like a …

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Ask the Doctor: Circumcise my baby boy?

Q: How should I decide whether or not to circumcise our baby boy?A: This has been a hotly debated topic this year, with 18 states no longer funding Medicaid reimbursement for the procedure. Ultimately, whether or not to circumcise is a very personal decision that is up to the parents.  It’s …

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Ask the Doctor: Will my past “bad habits” endanger my baby?

Q. I am starting to think about pregnancy and am now worried that my wild teen years could come back to haunt me. Could the drugs and alcohol I used in the past hurt my chances of getting pregnant now? What about my husband’s habits?A. Since men are often an afterthought when it comes to …

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Ask the Doctor: Overweight and Pregnant?

Q: Does being overweight increase risk of stillborn birth?  How can I diet and make sure my baby is getting enough nutrients? A: The actual number of stillbirth's in the US attributed to being overweight or obese is not certain. It does appear that although the total rate for stillborns …

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Ask the Doctor: Fear of Immunizations?

Q: I'm scared of immunizations for my new baby. What are the chances there will be a bad reaction resulting in injury or death?A: Immunizations shouldn’t be feared. They play a crucial role in keeping kids healthy and save lives. The risk of not immunizing your newborn far exceeds any theoretical …

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