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We continue our series following three breastfeeding moms as they nurse their babies for the first year of life. What challenges are they facing during their ninth month? And how are they overcoming those obstacles to have the best breastfeeding experience possible?

Getting your baby to sleep is one of the most common struggles new parents experience, especially with newborns. We're launching a five part series focused on ways to encourage healthy sleeping patterns with your little one, so you can get some much need R&R as well!

Sometimes after birth we don’t feel like ourselves, but eventually those feelings resolve. For some women, their postpartum time is filled with anxiety and compulsions, racing thoughts and sometimes voices in their heads, hallucinations and even violent behaviors. How are these conditions diagnosed? And what kind of impact can it...

You've heard the phrase "eating for two". So if you're pregnant with twins should you be eating for three? What type of nutrition does your body really need to foster a healthy twin pregnancy? Plus, what type of foods should you try to avoid.

When your baby is born, you examine every inch of her tiny, little body. And you may find some thing you didn't expect such as a birth mark or a stork bite. What do these marks actually mean and what causes them to appear on your baby? Plus, learn how...

You may have planned to breastfeed your baby, but sometimes the circumstances make "pumping" expressed breast milk is the best option available to both mother and child. What are some of the main reasons moms exclusively pump and what are the possible benefits/challenges?

Dads today are taking on more and more responsibilities with child-rearing that only a generation ago would have seemed out of place. What are some of the reasons for this new breed of dads, and how can new Dads know what to do?

The placenta provides essential nourishment to your baby throughout pregnancy. But it has tremendous benefits to the mother during her postpartum care? What are your different options and how can it impact your overall health?

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