Model Maggie Rizer sports second baby bump

October 04, 2012 by

Model Maggie Rizer sports second baby bump

Model Maggie Rizer and her husband Alex Mehran are expecting their second child sometime next spring. The new addition, a boy, will join their first born, 11-month-old Zander. People Magazine notes that the tall blonde grew up with four siblings and is hoping to recreate that experience for her own family members.

The fact that her sons will be so close in age "will be just about the sweetest thing in the world," she told the magazine. "A made-for-you best friend. We feel incredibly blessed."

Despite Rizer's future family plans and love of kids, she's apparently not one of those moms who enjoys the time spent during a pregnancy. She told the news source that she looks forward to the end result of the experience, welcoming her little one, not the experience itself.

The pregnancy is certainly welcome news for the couple, who experienced the loss of one of their Golden Retrievers in September, reports Us Weekly Magazine. Sadly, Maggie and her husband took their two dogs on a United Airlines flight from New York to San Francisco and 2-year-old Bea died of heatstroke.

Although Bea can never be replaced, the couple did adopt another dog and the arrival of their son in the spring will likely lift their spirits even higher.

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