Ask the Doctor: Most common food allergies for babies?

Q: What are the most common food allergies for babies and children?

A: Babies and toddlers are most likely to be allergic to egg whites, milk or peanuts when tested, according to a very large study by Quest Diagnostics. Specifically, 37% of infants and toddlers tested were sensitive to egg white and 36% of three year olds were sensitive to milk. About 30% of children five years of age and younger were allergic to peanuts.

Once children reached school age, their sensitivity to egg white and milk declined, according to the study. But they continued to be sensitive to peanuts, with one in four children between the ages of six to 18 showing peanut allergy sensitivity when tested.

Harvey W. Kaufman, M.D., is senior medical director for Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading diagnostic testing company. Dr. Kaufman was a study investigator for Quest Diagnostics’ Allergies Across America, the largest study ever conducted on allergy testing. To read the report, visit QuestDiagnostics.com.

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