Foods to naturally ease morning sickness?


Q. What are good foods to naturally ease morning sickness?

A. If you are part of the nearly 70 percent of pregnant women who suffer from nausea, vomiting, or both, sometime during your pregnancy, you already know that “morning sickness” is a misleading term. The condition that can instantly turn your favorite foods into foes, inspire gagging with the slightest whiff of a trigger aroma, and force you to get up close and personal with the nearest toilet bowls can strike anytime, day or night. What you might not know is that certain foods and beverages-and the frequency in which you eat them-can simultaneously provide much-needed nutrients and curb the likelihood of you losing your lunch-or dinner or breakfast.

Ginger, for example, is notorious for its ability to naturally battle nausea. Steep some fresh ginger in hot water with honey and you’re on your way to better hydration and comfort. Toss peeled and minced or grated ginger into a stir-fry and you’ve upped your chances of being able to choke down, if not enjoy, dinner.

Plain old crackers can also be saviors because they are generally inoffensive to the palate, and when snacked on first thing in the morning or between meals, can ward off hunger, which, when not addressed can create an extra acidic, and consequently tumultuous, tummy.

Unfortunately, beyond these tips there is no one sure fire way to settle the stomach. Tactics that work for some women don’t work for others. So your best bet is trial and error. If you find foods that you can stomach, savor them. Also, drink between meals rather than with your food to help with hydration. And worst-case scenario, rest assured that morning sickness is temporary and a small, albeit unpleasant, price to pay for the gift you are growing inside you.

Food writer Erika Lenkert is the author of the new cookbook, Healthy Eating During Pregnancy, which features 100 recipes guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and nutritional needs.

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