How early can you start teaching your baby?

A: As one little life is born, the parent has now been given the opportunity to begin spending time with their child.  From the moment you take your baby home, is a moment in time you can never get back.  Good news parents: You can make your time meaningful, beginning day one.

How do infants learn? They learn by using their senses.  They need to see, feel, hear, touch, and taste their surroundings.  They learn by doing.  They learn by watching others.  They learn through trial and error.  They learn by the experiences they are given.

Parents; helping our child learn and grow isn’t just about teaching them the “book basics,” like the ABC’s and 123’s.  While these concepts are important, it is also about preparing them for the social world.  A child learning how to do real-life tasks such as getting dressed, holding a spoon, and being able to walk on their own.  Building their self-confidence, esteem, and care for others around them. Helping them become physically and mentally capable. Teaching our children manners, morals, and mistakes happen. Providing them ways to learn on their own, encourage their independence, and letting them fail.  We are our child’s first teacher.

How can we teach our infant? By providing them our time.  Singing songs, reading stories, moving their bodies, talking to them often, modeling for them what we want them to do; in simplicity, spending less and doing more.  Putting pillows on the floor when your child is 6 months old cost nothing.  What do they learn?  How to balance in order to crawl over them.  How to roll over.  They build their physical development. Simple, yet effective.  Putting stickers on their feet.  What do they learn? How to peel them off.  They build fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Simple, yet meaningful.

In every way; our job a parents has two main purposes. To make sure our children are healthy and nurtured, and to teach them how to grow to be successful adults.  It all begins at home; with time.

About the writer:  Kristin Miller, M. Ed. is the CEO and founder of Love N Learn At Home, LLC, She holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

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