Safe to deliver at home?

Q: Is it safe to deliver my baby at home?

A: In a day and age where technology is more advanced than ever before, an increasing number of women are selecting to adopt more natural plans for childbirth.  As a physician, I see varying degrees of ‘natural’ plans.  Some patients choose to deliver in a hospital without any medication, some choose to labor in tubs,  while some choose to walk around freely during labor.  Other patients choose to deliver at home with a midwife.  Every pregnancy and every mother is different.  Most patients have the birth they envision.  Sometimes, however the unexpected complication arises in medicine and birth plans have to be abandoned for the safety of all involved.  It is disappointing at the time for patients, but will insure a good outcome for all.  Every mother has to balance what she wants for her delivery with what is safe.  Patients have to have an emergency plan, in the rare instance that something unexpected arises.

Dr. Somi Javaid, OB/GYN; Co-Founder MamaDoc

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