Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Q: Last night my husband and I were having sex, and I think the baby moved! It was such a strange sensation. Does that mean we shouldn’t be intimate anymore? I’m in my third trimester.

A: The baby couldn’t care less if you have sex, climb stairs, or do anything that jostles him. If you’re having a low-risk pregnancy with no complications, you can have sex up until the day you deliver. However, there are some medical reasons to avoid sex during pregnancy including:

1. Your practitioner has advised against it.

2. You’re currently experiencing bleeding. If so, avoid sex until your physician can determine the cause.

3. You have placenta previa, in which the placenta covers the cervix, and you’re past 28 weeks when the cervix starts to thin.

4. You or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease. If your partner has herpes, you should stop having sex about eight weeks before your due date to avoid an infection at the time of delivery.

5. Your water has broken, or you think you might be leaking fluid.

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