Show: Parent Savers

Is your family properly prepared in case of an emergency? Do you know what to do in case of a fire, earthquake, tornado or a serious accident takes place in your home? We'll talk with the Red Cross about ways parents with young children can better prepare for these conditions.

Drowning is the second highest cause of death amongst children four and younger. What skills are desperately needed for survival? How do you teach these skills to your child? And, when can you start?

Parenting in general can be challenging, and parenting an adopted child adds another layer of complexity. We'll explore the impact of adoption on both you and your child and how it changes throughout your child's lifetime.

Babies love to be touched. We know that skin-to-skin contact is so important after they're born. So, it just makes sense that babies would love a good massage as well, right? Learn more about the benefits of infant massage and what to expect should you sign up for a class.

Our ability to learn different languages is best when we are young. So, how exactly do babies learn multiple languages at once? How do they distinguish which language to use and when? And can teaching different languages actually cause other developmental issues?

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