Show: Preggie Pals

The placenta provides essential nourishment to your baby throughout pregnancy. But it has tremendous benefits to the mother during her postpartum care? What are your different options and how can it impact your overall health?

We're continuing our ongoing series on the different types of childbirth preparation methods. In this episode, we'll explore the Lamaze technique and it helps expectant mothers to prepare psychologically and physically to give birth without the use of drugs.

Your due date is quickly approaching and you just found out your baby is breach. The Webster Technique is one approach used by chiropractors that can help turn your baby around so you can have the vaginal birth you planned. Learn more about the process, the cost and what's involved.

The summer is sizzling, which can be tough to endure when you're pregnant. We'll discuss the importance of regulating your body's temperature so that you and baby stay safe- and we'll also explore some fun ways to keep cool during the hot summer months!

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