Show: Preggie Pals

The summer is sizzling, which can be tough to endure when you're pregnant. We'll discuss the importance of regulating your body's temperature so that you and baby stay safe- and we'll also explore some fun ways to keep cool during the hot summer months!

Happy Father's Day to all our new and expecting dads! In this episode, an all-dad panel discuss what pregnancy is like from the partner's point-of-view. Also, what can you do to better bond with the baby and be supportive during labor and delivery?

Does your job require you to travel? Or perhaps you've planned a special vacation? What are doctor's recommendations when it comes to travel during pregnancy? We'll explore factors to consider whether you're traveling by land, air or sea.

Congrats! You survived the first half of your pregnancy! The morning sickness is gone, but it will soon be replaced by common symptoms such as pinched nerves, swollen ankles and more trips to the bathroom. We've got some handy tips to help you through it.

With all the extra hormones racing through our bodies, it's a wonder we can remember our own names. We call it "pregnancy brain". So, what exactly is happening within the body to trigger this? Plus, what are five great tips to help stay on track- and sharp as a tack!

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