Show: Twin Talks

Twins have a special bond, unlike any other relationship. They may be alike in many ways, but they are still special in their own ways. How do you encourage twin individuality while still allowing them to celebrate their unique twin qualities?

Congrats! You're pregnant with twins! So, how does pregnancy with multiples differ from being pregnant with a singleton? What type of additional testing and prenatal care should you expect?

Do your twins look a lot alike? You may want to consider getting them an agent for commercial and film opportunities. We'll explore what twin parents need to know before submitting their twins. Hey, if Mary Kate and Ashley can do it, so can you!

If having twins seems tough, imagine being pregnant or caring for newborn twins in addition to your other children. How does having singletons prior to your twins help prepare you for your parenting journey? How will your other children react to the new duo in the family?

Paying for childcare for one child can be expensive, so paying for two may seem impossible. So, how do twin parents make it work? Our panelists share their experience when it comes to daycare, nannies, au pairs and even babysitters.

Learning you're pregnant with twins can certainly send you on an emotional rollercoaster. In this episode, our twin moms share how they felt about being pregnant with twins. What initial concerns did they have? How did they manage any additional stress?

You've heard the phrase "eating for two". So if you're pregnant with twins should you be eating for three? What type of nutrition does your body really need to foster a healthy twin pregnancy? Plus, what type of foods should you try to avoid.

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