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The Diaper Dilemma

By Laura LiangIf green is the new black, baby diapers are anything but stylish. It turns out that all diapering choices—cloth, disposable, and hybrid—come with potential problems for Mother Earth. Because no method is absolutely environmentally friendly, the quandary persists: Wash or …

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It’s A Jan’s World

Photography by Samantha Berg Styling by Micah BishopPregnancy: How did you decide you were ready to have a baby?Jan Levenson: I don’t think you should let your “biological clock” or society pressure you into having a baby. True, I’m not 20 anymore, and this one really …

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Roll Over. Please!

There aren't many things about parenting I hate. But this is one. I hate seeing other kids the exact same age as our's doing something that I think my kid should be doing. It just causes all sorts of emotions. Worry. Guilt. Fear. Frustration.Ben is a little more than 7 months as I …

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A Mother’s Love Beats All Odds

1-year-old Summer By Rochelle HughesSeven months into my pregnancy, my doctor told me “Your amniotic fluid is low, you need to deliver today.” My fiancé’s sister drove me to the hospital and when I got a room in the labor and delivery area, the doctor finally came and I was induced with …

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This is Julia's newest favorite phrase and, gosh she says it just in such a sweet and loving tone, at the top of her lungs, followed by a shrieking "Roar!!!!" that I just want to squeeze her. Tight.I know she's finding herself and pushing our limits and this is what 3-year olds do, …

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I Can’t Bend Over

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Weird Emotions

I was probably the most miserable pregnant woman you ever met at the end of my last pregnancy.It was the end of summer, I was exhausted and my toddler daughter was non-stop all day long. My daughter arrived at exactly 38 weeks, so when that day came and passed during my second pregnancy, I …

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No Circumcision

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The Teutonia T-Handmuff

The fleece-lined Teutonia T-Handmuff snaps onto most stroller handles and keeps your hands cozy warm, no matter the weather. $40

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Kiddie Parties

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