5 surprises about newborns and sleep

You'll quickly learn that one of the most difficult things about bringing your newborn home is an uncertain sleep schedule. When you see family and friends, they're probably going to ask you right off the bat whether or not your little one sleeps through the night. At this point, the answer is more than likely going to be no. Unlike older babies, newborns don't know the difference between night and day. They also need to eat every two hours, so the …

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5 vaccine myths busted

The thing about vaccinations is that no one really likes them. As a parent it can be difficult to watch your child cry in pain - even if it does only last for a few minutes. When you talk with your pediatrician about your baby's health, he or she will likely mention an immunization schedule. At different points throughout your child's first year of life he or she will go to the doctor for well visits. This typically occurs at one month, two months, four months, six months, nine …

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JJ Cole Essentials Outdoor Blanket

After attending a number of outdoor picnics this Summer, I decided we needed to be better equipped for these gatherings with something better than a regular blanket. I am so glad we now have the JJ Cole Essentials Outdoor blanket. The 5 foot by 7 foot size is perfect for our three person family. It fits my tall husband (6’ 3”), me (5’ 7”) and our 3 month old son very comfortable. The material is water proof and after a couple of visits to the park where it has laid on wet grass, it has …

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10 Things to Pack for Baby in an Emergency Preparedness Kit

It’s no secret that babies have a lot of stuff. To prepare for a crisis situation, the emergency preparedness experts at Boltwell recommend paring it all down and making these essentials part of your prepping plan (and leave the diaper warmer at home!).1. Diaper changing gearBaby is going to go no matter what's going on. And though disposable diapers are convenient, reusable last longer. Also, soft cloths you can wet and to use as wipes are great since they can also be repurposed for …

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Boon Fresh Changing Station

We have two diaper changing stations and the Boon Fresh is definitely our favorite. First of all, it nicely secures to the dresser we placed it upon, keeping everything stable when our little wiggler tries to wiggle off. The concave shape nicely nestles baby in, so I am not anxious about baby rolling off on one side or the other. The foam pad is soft enough to be comfortable and it’s easy to clean. This has been one of the highlights. Other models seem to make you choose one or the other- …

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How to deal with having a premature baby

The First 100 DaysA few life lessons I learned from my son’s stay in the NICUI learned to change Eli’s diaper by reaching my arms through the portholes of an incubator.  The diaper was barely larger than a matchbook, and replacing it amid the tangle of wires attached to his little body terrified me.The first time I got to hold my son, he was 4 weeks old.  He had grown by then to a little over 2 pounds, from his birth weight of 1 pound, 11 ounces.  Before his nurse could …

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20 questions to choose the right pediatrician

Let’s Play 20 Questions When looking for the right pediatrician, this interview will help you narrow the field.You have almost as many options for your child’s pediatrician as you do at a Chinese restaurant.While the choice of a provider is a heck of a lot more important than the choice between lo mein and kung pao, the principle is the same: You are making a choice based on your preferences.Here’s just one example of why we think who and when you choose are important.  Most …

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5 Common Mistakes New Parents Make

A mass of baby-related information inundates new and expecting parents. It comes, solicited or not, from well-meaning friends and family, books, websites, healthcare professionals, and media. But no matter how much you absorb as you set out on your parenting journey, keep in mind that all parents take wrong turns here and there. And while most of those so-called mistakes are harmless, there are a few common areas you'll want to pay particular attention to. Car seatsMost new …

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From Womb to World

For nine months your baby was nurtured in the ideal sensory world of the womb. From this calm environment your baby emerged into our busy sensory world. At birth, human babies are less mature than almost any other mammal. Their little brain is not capable of any conscious decision or voluntary movement but is an advanced sensory organ. In other words the brain takes in information from the senses and over time learns to process and make sense of the new sensory input.The best ways to ease …

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Cloth Diaper Road Test

Cloth diapers aren’t really my thingAnd they aren’t my fellow www.BreezyMama.com co-founder Chelsea’s either. In fact, when she told me she was going to do a story on cloth diapers, I thought she was just trying to make me laugh. But no, she insisted. A year passed and I never did see that story. She came to her senses, realized she wasn’t a “cloth diaper person,” and asked me to do it. I laughed. A few weeks would go by and she’d ask me to do it again; I would laugh. …

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