8 baby care tips for new dads

Father’s Daze - A new dad’s guide to baby care New dads have an image problem. We’re often seen as clueless and inept, with all the natural parenting ability of a canned ham. This is not our fault, at least partly. Unlike women, we were not born knowing what a “layette” is or that yoo-hoo is not an acceptable infant formula. This is why new dads must take some responsibility for this handicap and make an effort to learn what it takes to gear up for daddyhood.Still, …

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The new birth trend that could boost your baby’s immunity

A new trend in Australian childbirth seeks to level the playing field for babies born by Cesarean section. Seeding, though still a fringe practice, involves swabbing C-section-born babies with vaginal fluid - introducing them to the same bacteria their vaginally born counterparts benefit from.When born naturally, babies are pushed through the birth canal, exposing them to more than 300 good bacteria. These microbes boost baby's immunity and may even ward off disease later in life. In fact, …

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The napping tip that could save your baby’s life

Once your son or daughter is born, chances are you'll take laughable measures to lull him or her to sleep. Do lunges in the dark while clutching your baby to your chest? Sure, why not? Run the hairdryer, hum and bounce gently on an exercise ball? OK, if you say so. When it comes to newborns and sleep patterns, almost any gentle and seemingly safe tactic is fair game - except for this one: The car seat is for driving only, not for extended periods of sleep.A recent study out of Penn State …

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Your pregnancy diet, your baby and asthma

Worried about chronic illness befalling your little one? What you eat now, when you're expecting, can help strengthen your baby's immunity and ward off certain diseases later in life. How's that for motivation to put down the powdered donut and reach for the veggie drawer?A new report published in the journal Nature Communications suggests that a mom-to-be who eats a high-fiber diet can help her offspring stave off asthma. This illness is incurable, but it's also treatable. …

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How to pick a perfect gender-neutral baby name

Forget labor and delivery, choosing a proper name for your little one may just be the most difficult aspect of becoming a parent. First, you must scroll through endless lists of monikers to find the few that appeal to you. Then, with those in-hand, you and your partner actually have to agree on one name that your child will carry for the rest of his or her life. You want it to be unique, without sounding crazy. Traditional without being boring. Professional, without sounding stuffy. The …

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Pregnancy to-do: Build a baby budget

Pregnant? Your next year is bound to be full of joy, excitement and dollar signs. According to a 2013 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, the average baby costs new parents around $12,800 for the first year. But before you break into a cold sweat, stop and make a plan. Budgeting for your little one can help you navigate these pricey waters - and keep stress and frustration to a minimum. Here are some major child-related expenses to consider when planning your baby budget:ChildbirthGiving …

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There I said it: I’ll never hire a nanny

What could be more heartbreaking than having your baby cry over the nanny leaving for the day? That, in a nutshell, is why I won't ever hire regular babysitting help. Call me selfish, possessive or downright crazy, but I didn't endure 12 hours of labor and a trip to the operating room just to have my sweet, darling kid bond closely to somebody else.I realize that I write this from a place of privilege: My husband and I are in the financial position to allow me to work freelance from home. …

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Name-napping: How to pick a baby name without the battle

As parents, we all want to feel like we're bestowing our babies with beautiful, strong and one-of-a-kind names. Hearing that others in our circles share the same tastes can be devastating. That being said, if you're not careful, choosing a name for your little one can turn into a tug-of-war. Here's how to avoid a battle, pick a moniker you love, and do it all while keeping your sanity (and relationships) in tact.Be intentionalIf you and your partner have your hearts set on …

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Living at High Altitude doubles risk of SIDS

Families living at high altitudes should be aware of a 2x higher risk of SIDS says a new study reported by the New York Times. Living at high altitude is associated with increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, a new report has found.Researchers studied Colorado birth certificate and death registries from 2007 to 2012, and assessed the link to altitude using maternal residential addresses for nearly 395,000 infants. The findings were published in Pediatrics. After controlling for …

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Babies shift the household balance – and not in your favor

We love when science puts data behind what we've been thinking all along. A new report, published in the June 2015 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family, found that women primarily shoulder the burden of new parenthood. That may not sound like news, but the key point is that men thought they were sharing the load, when in fact they were letting their partners do the bulk of the baby work.The study zeroed in on 182 highly educated, dual-career couples who claimed that sharing the …

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