Your room-by-room guide to organizing for baby’s arrival

When I brought my son home from the hospital, I couldn’t wait to spend time with him in his beautiful new nursery. Eventually I learned there was one major problem with my plan. It seemed as though everything I needed was in some other part of the house. I spent so much time looking for feeding journals, snacks, and ointments that I was often too tired to enjoy my baby.“After giving birth, moms are going to be in deep recovery: low on energy and sleep-deprived. Having the entire house …

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Circumcision: Is it the right decision?

Making The Cut. One dad decides whether to circumcise his newborn sonDoctor or midwife?  Natural or epidural?  The decisions that confronted my pregnant wife were overwhelming.  Still, she attacked them with aplomb, stacking baby books precariously on the nightstand and, in a stunning 14-question performance, cementing herself as the Lisa Simpson of the birthing class on the very first night.And where was I during all this?  I guess you could say I coached from the sidelines.Sure, I …

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The single mom’s guide to raising a baby

They say it takes a village to raise a child. This rings especially true for single moms. Here’s how to find the support you need to thrive in your vital new role:Unlike women getting ready to welcome home baby with a partner, single moms rely on extensive networks of friends and family to get ready for their new arrivals. And now that my daughter is 5, I realize there was a lot I could have done to prepare for single motherhood. Although most new single moms will feel alone at some …

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Baby names experts share specific advice

After I saw the first ultrasound of my son taken when he was the size of a small dot at 10 weeks, my husband and I began affectionately referring to him as “Peanut.” Although we never actually planned to name him after a groundnut, we didn’t realize we were actually trendsetters. It wasn’t until this past July—when General Hospital actor Ingo Rademacher christened his firstborn son Peanut Rademacher—that we realized we’d inadvertently chosen a hip moniker.“We depend on …

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Cloth diapers or disposables? Here’s how to choose

If green is the new black, baby diapers are anything but stylish. It turns out that all diapering choices — cloth, disposable, and hybrid — come with potential problems for Mother Earth. Because no method is absolutely environ- mentally friendly, the quandary persists: Wash or toss?Unfortunately, science hasn’t yet settled the debate. Until recently, studies on the environmental impact of diapers were funded by either the disposable or cloth-diaper industries. The …

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20 baby names inspired by classic literature

 We love this article from Baby Gizmo on baby names from classic literature. Tell us the world doesn't need more Scarletts, Scouts, and Hucks!Here are a few. Click to the see the full list from our friends at Baby Gizmo.Alcott – From the author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott Scout (or Atticus) – From one of the main characters in To Kill a Mockingbird Holden – From Catcher In the Rye Scarlett (Rhett) – From Gone With the Wind Ophelia – From Hamlet Matilda …

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Your new baby cold weather checklist

Checklist Cold Weather GearThe right items are lifesavers when you’re outdoors in winter with baby in tow. Here’s advice from Ali Wing, founder of baby boutique Giggle, New York City resident, and author of the new Giggle Guide to Baby Gear. Wing’s top cold weather must-have might surprise you: “One of the most forgotten items is sunscreen,” she says. “People come in to the store in winter— ‘I can’t believe it, my baby got sunburned.’ ” What else should you …

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Why you should take 3 months of maternity leave

Throughout your pregnancy you'll want to prepare for when the baby is born, including how long you should take off of work for maternity leave. It's well known that the U.S. doesn't have the most enjoyable benefits for new mothers. In fact, the U.S. offers new moms no paid time off and around just 12 weeks of protected leave. Compare those numbers to countries such as Estonia that offer 108 weeks of paid leave and 180 weeks of protected leave, giving moms plenty of time off to bond with …

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Expert tips on putting your baby to sleep

Those First Sleepless Nights: 0 to 2 months by Nancy LePatourel  The good news is, your newborn’s sleep problems aren’t your fault. “Temperament and biology determine sleeping patterns at this age,” says Nicky Cohen, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in children’s sleep issues. The bad news is, there’s not much you can do to make it better. “How well your infant sleeps has little to do with parenting before the age of 6 to 8 weeks.” Just know that things …

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3 ways gay men make great dads

Gay parents aren't restrained by the same societal norms that quietly push straight parents into confined ruts of conditioned patterns. Freed of these constraints, they typically do a number of things that make for a more thriving family. Here are 3 of the ways that we can learn from their experience.Read it below if you prefer.Watch more videos at men often make better dads than straight guys, not because they are inherently better at …

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