Mom’s Essentials’ Back Buddy Support Pillow and Removable Slipcover

June 08, 2014 by

Mom’s Essentials’ Back Buddy Support Pillow and Removable Slipcover

During pregnancy, post-pregnancy and through the toddler years, there’s no doubt that you’ll be more aware of your back than ever before.  Both with baby in utero and through the early childhood years of carrying squirming children back and forth, your back does a lot of heavy lifting, not to mention crazy contorting.  Given that, it’s not surprising that so many moms and moms-to-be suffer from regular back pain.  Mom’s Essentials’ Back Buddy Support Pillow comes to the rescue.

Designed by a husband and wife team, drawing on their expertise as chiropractor and nursing mom, the Back Buddy provides much needed support to the aching mom.  It’s made with chemical-free structural foam that’s specially contoured to provide lumbar, lateral and upper back support to properly align your spine and alleviate common back pain.  In addition, it flares out at the sides to provide great arm support for feeding your baby, whether that be through breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  As a mom who has been really enthusiastic about breastfeeding, I can highly appreciate the difference that Back Buddy makes.  Before Back Buddy, I would reach awkwardly for multiple pillows, stuffing them behind my back with one arm, as I cradled my baby with my other.  Any shifting or standing would cause a landslide of pillows around me.  With the Back Buddy, the support is just there when I need it – no hassle.

You’ll want to purchase a removable slipcover with your Back Buddy.  Available in a variety of fun colors and designs and in cotton or a soft, minky fabric, these covers include really thoughtful features that you’ll appreciate when you’re in the thick of mothering.  A built-in handle stitched into the top makes it easy to move the Back Buddy from couch to bed or wherever you need it. Side pockets with elastic at the top provides a convenient place to store bottles, toys or other items you need at your fingertips.  Finally, the zippered slipcover is easy to remove and machine wash, which is a big benefit considering how messy feeding can get.

The Back Buddy will serve you well from pregnancy through nursing and beyond. In fact, its benefits extend way beyond mom.  Anyone who could use a little extra back support (pretty much everyone) will love the Back Buddy, so you may find some competition for it.  I often find my 3-1/2 year old propped up against the Back Buddy, as she hangs out on the couch.  Even a preschooler knows comfort when she sees it!

The Back Buddy with Removable Cover retails for $110. To learn more about it and pick up one for yourself, visit

 Mom’s Essentials’ Back Buddy Support Pillow and Removable Slipcover

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