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You’re Covered

There’s no denying the importance of sunscreen. But your sun-sensitive pregnant skin makes daily use even more crucial. And you want to cover all exposed areas—face, neck, hands, arms. “There’s a lot of incidental sun exposure during the day,” says Beth Lange, Ph.D., senior director at …

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Cool It!

Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone author Krystina Castella thinks of these ice pops as frozen smoothies on sticks. They’ll provide satisfying relief of your ice cream cravings, as well as much needed vitamin C and potassium.Perfectly ripe honeydew melons are extraordinarily juicy and …

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Varicose veins are mainly a hereditary condition, but doctors actually see them two to four times more frequently in women than in men. The reason? Pregnancy. Your growing uterus, along with weight gain and fluid retention, all put extra pressure on the vein walls, which can accelerate vein …

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Value-Added Snacks

By LuAnn WomachAre you craving foods you never imagined you’d like this much, or never liked before? You’re not alone. Research says that 19 percent of pregnant women crave the sour taste of citrus, while another 20 percent frequently want sweets of some kind. Instead of indulging in …

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Expecting Tales

If you have trouble remembering your name, never mind baby's first in-utero hiccup, try Tiny Tale's handy Expecting Tales note-taking kit. This cute box provides everything you need to keep track of all those special details. $32

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Never Too Early

By Lori MurrayIt’s no wonder parents-to-be are stressed about financing their child’s education. They hear nothing but horror stories about how much it will cost to pay for college. Don’t believe the hype. Try these tips for stress-free savings.• Save found money. Put your …

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