Encouraging healthy sleep in baby’s first year

Hush Little Baby In the first 12 months, your infant’s development changes almost daily. So when it comes to getting baby to sleep, what works at 4 months might have been discouraging if you’d tried it just weeks earlier. Here’s a look at what to expect during your little one’s first …

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Tools for tucking in baby

Tools For Tuck-InNeed your shut-eye? A sleep expert shares gear every new parent needs when trying to get a handle on bedtime Baby in a bag “A sleep sack is the best alternative to loose blankets in the crib, which can increase the risk of SIDS.And it keeps baby warm all night …

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Strategies for calming your baby

Turn Cries Into Coos As the eldest of five, Amanda Joyner from Michigan City, IN, expected her baby would cry but felt confident that she could handle it, given that she’d taken care of her siblings.Yet the frequent cries of her newborn son, Arthur, made calming him a challenge. “I tried …

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Why you need the Tdap vaccine

As you approach your 27th week of pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will offer you the option of a Tdap vaccine. This shot, administered during every pregnancy, safeguards your baby against tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis. While you have the option to decline this vaccine, this is one …

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Pregnant and vegetarian: How to stay meat-free the healthy way

If you've been enjoying a meat-free diet, there's no reason to put your vegetarianism aside just because you have a baby on the way. Find out how to get the vitamins and minerals you need to support your health - and your growing baby.ProteinIf getting an adequate amount of protein was …

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Use food to fight morning sickness

When you're plagued by morning sickness, eating may be the last thing on your mind. But what you might not know is that the right food may be just what you need to stave off daily nausea.More than half of all pregnant women suffer through morning sickness, mostly in the first trimester when …

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Why creating a will now that you’re pregnant can’t wait

You've created your baby registry and decorated the nursery. Diapers and wipes are stocked and your birth plan is at the ready. You're all set for baby, right? Not so fast. If you and your partner haven't made time to create a will, you may be missing a crucial step in preparing for …

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Movie titles to sum up pregnancy

If you're preparing for pregnancy, you're probably reading pregnancy magazines to learn about the physical and emotional changes that are in store for the nine months of gestation. Movie lovers can decode each trimester using the following guide that translates the biological details under the …

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Ready, set, go! 4 all-natural ways to start labor

If you've caught yourself exclaiming with horror that you might be pregnant forever, then this one's for you. With only 5 percent of babies born on their due date, a whole lot of women go into pregnancy overtime. We get it - you're exhausted, uncomfortable and plain old …

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How to weather the winter with a baby on the way

'Tis the season for billowing scarves, thick wooly mittens and mugs of hot cocoa. With another winter here, we're giving thought to facing these dipping temps and whipping winds - all while bundling up around a baby bump. Here are four tips to surviving your first winter as a …

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