‘Please Offer Me a Seat’ buttons given by NY MTA. Subway riders aren’t listening.


The New York City MTA is extending their program promoting giving up seats to pregnant women, older people and the disabled. They’ve even giving out “Baby on Board” buttons in hopes of stimulating polite behavior.

Response has not been great however.

If you use public transit, do people offer you a seat? Let us know in the comments!

The friendly woman who noticed Mary Alice Dadras’s rounded belly on the No. 2 train in Manhattan recently had lots of questions. When was the baby due? Oh, twins? Were they boys or girls? The one question she didn’t ask, as Ms. Dadras stood before her: Would you like my seat?

Source: ‘Please Offer Me a Seat,’ the Buttons Say. Subway Riders Aren’t Listening. – The New York Times

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