That’s No Baby, It’s a Friend Magnet!

By Sasha Brown Worsham I can remember the first person who offered me a seat on the subway when I was nine months pregnant. ­Although I never would have had the courage to ask her for the seat, her act of kindness and her words—“I know how you feel”—made me want to carve our names in a tree. She was my BFF—at least for that train ride. We all know those angels of mercy who become our closest friends when we are most in need—struggling to lug our stroller up flights of stairs, …

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5 gal pals every new mom should have

In the months prior to the birth of my first child, as I was busy choosing curtains, creating a registry, stressing about work, and planning for the major life change to come, it became clear that some friends were going to stick around—and some were going to fly the coop.Almost every pregnant woman can attest to having lost some friends during the time between announcing their pregnancies and celebrating their baby’s first birthday.“Your more stable, wise friends are like …

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It’s Time to Talk Money, Honey

Think you’re the only couple who bickers about the cost of strollers and car seats? Hardly—money clashes are the rule rather than the exception, particularly when you’re pregnant. All those costly new expenses colliding with your individual budget beliefs and…boom! Fortunately, you can bring the battle back down to Earth with a few simple guidelines. Your way or the highway How can a duo with differing opinions move ahead? Think flexibility, says Kristin Harad, a certified financial …

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Get Your Bar up to Par

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A Little Bump Worship

By Eve O’Neill We asked our readers at, “What has made being pregnant the most fun?” The most popular answer—by a landslide—was “taking time for myself, without feeling guilty.” Enter the “belly facial,” a simple treatment to help relieve discomfort associated with stretching skin. Jeannie Jarnot, spa director at The Carneros Inn in Napa, CA, says belly facials “help prevent stretch marks and really build skin elasticity.” But aren’t stretch marks …

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When Doodie Calls

I know there will come a day when Julia, now 3, will be able to go to the bathroom entirely on her own, from start to finish, if you get my drift. Until then, her potty runs will continue to provide us some good laughs.The other day, she jumps up from playing and says, "Daddy, I have togo to potty!""Great, Julia," I say, "go ahead."She runs off to go. I yell to her, "Are you making a tinkle or a poopy?" and she yells back, "Just a tinkle." Okay, I think, she can handle this herself. …

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Another Test?

By Mary Dixon Lebeau You’ve reached the home stretch, your 36th week. All you have to do is sit back, put your feet up, and wait for labor to start, right? Not exactly. First, do you know what your group B strep status is? “It’s extremely important that every pregnant woman knows her beta strep status before she goes into labor,” says Randy Fink, M.D., an ob/gyn in private practice in Miami. “If your doctor doesn’t test you, go to someone who will.” What Is Group B Strep? Group …

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Supernanny Jo Frost’s Post-partum Checklist

 Most people think of TV’s Supernanny for her skill in bringing unruly fourth-graders into line. But Jo Frost has actually spent much of her career taking care of babies, starting with some families as early as “the waters breaking,” she says in her English lilt.Frost’s new book, Confident Baby Care, brings reassurance and a positive attitude to the topic of newborn care. “People are so eager to tell nightmare stories about the first four weeks. No sleep, no sex, so many …

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Building A Baby

By Stephanie Stiavetti Of course the foods you choose impact your baby, but new research suggests that a mother’s diet during pregnancy can have lifelong effects. In fact, scientists are discovering that eating right when you’re expecting may drastically lower your child’s chances of developing serious illnesses such as asthma and type 2 diabetes. What They Know So Far Recent studies now connect the rise of these health concerns to the earliest moments of life. For example, when rats …

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Let’s Get It On

Say goodbye to the nausea and exhaustion that dimmed your desire during the first trimester—you’re heading into a time of renewed sexual energy. Research shows that expecting couples make love an average of 1.2 times per week in the second trimester. Your hormonal changes make arousal easier now, and excitement over the new life inside you lends an irresistible glow. Here’s how to rediscover your drive and reconnect with your partner. Embrace Your New Body Those extra pounds a growing …

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