7 ways to cherish the second trimester


second trimester momCongratulations!

You made it to the second trimester. Finally, morning sickness is a thing of the past. You’ve discovered a new found energy. And your baby bump is adorable. The second trimester is a time to be cherished. So enjoy it! Here’s how:

Be spontaneous: 
Catch a matinee movie. Take a road trip. Do something on a whim. The second trimester is the time of your pregnancy when you can still embrace your independence, (ahem, you don’t need your partner to tie your shoes… yet). So when your co-worker asks if you want to go out for happy hour – say yes! And order a mocktail.

Take a babymoon: 
Now is the perfect time to travel and connect with your spouse when you aren’t talking nursery themes or baby names. Traveling gets more difficult in the unpredictable third trimester. Book a trip for some R & R. Even if it’s just a quick weekend jaunt, you’ll be glad you took the time to get away.

Get in girl time: 
Girl’s nights may become less frequent in the future. And let’s face it – we need our girlfriends like we need water. Call up your girls and make plans for dinner or to meet up for a walk. It’ll pay dividends later.

Treat yourself: 
New clothes. A pedicure. A pregnancy massage. A little pampering is just what you need to maintain your beautiful pregnancy glow.

Get moving: 
Whether it’s that prenatal yoga class you’ve been dying to check out or your standing Saturday morning jog, now’s the time to exercise. You may not be feeling up to it once the swollen feet and back pain arrive.

Fly solo: 
Before you know it you’ll have your baby attached to your hip – or other parts of your body as the case may be. Relish in some quality time alone – doing something you love. It could be something as simple as curling up with a good book or taking a bubble bath.

Say cheese: 
Schedule a photo shoot and capture your growing belly now. Not only is your baby bump adorable during the second trimester, but you may be too exhausted (or simply forget!) in the third trimester.

— Meredith Mortensen

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