4 reasons why spring pregnancies rock

Now that the world outside our windows is finally blooming and turning green, there's no better time to be an expectant mom. If you and your partner just got your first positive pregnancy test, you'll be pleased to know there are a number of reasons to enjoy pregnancy in the springtime. Here are just a few:Fresh foodDuring spring and summer, groceries and farmers markets are brimming with juicy fruits, dark, leafy greens and more fresh produce than you could ever hope to consume. The …

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Study: Even a Little Alcohol during Pregnancy Could Stop Some Babies from Breathing

While most countries urge that pregnant women refrain from drinking any alcohol during pregnancy, there are still women that do. And, in the UK, women are actually told that they can continue drinking during pregnancy, as long as it’s not more than one or two units a week. But a new study, conducted by Professor Peter Hepper from Queen’s University Belfast, says that this simply isn’t okay, and that even half a glass of wine could cause a fetus to stop breathing and moving for as long …

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European Cesarean Rates Vary Widely

The risks involved with delivering a baby by cesarean section include everything from longer healing time for mom, and missed beneficial bacteria for babies to an increased risk of SIDS and infection. In light of that knowledge, the large variation in cesarean rates found throughout Europe in a recent study are a bit concerning; they suggest that there may be a lack of consensus as to the best method of delivering a baby, and when a C-section may be warranted.According to the new study, …

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Pregnant? What you can really expect

At the start of your pregnancy journey? Here's what you can really expect from now until delivery day. Books, movies and television shows are quick to extol the pain and joy of childbirth (of which, yes, there is a great deal in equal measure). But what about the day-to-day business of being pregnant? I'm here to clue you in on the ordinary occurrences that await you while you go about growing a human being.You'll feel like the first momAt some point during your pregnancy, …

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How to have a Good Fight – 4 Keys

I hate fighting! I hate how quickly I can go from adoring my wife to vehemently opposing her. But fights happen. Fortunately, research has shown that couples that fight are more likely to stay together longer. Unfortunately, most of us fight in a really detrimental and destructive manner that greatly harms the entire family. As a marriage & family therapist, I have a front row seat to what helps fights go well. I've collected a number of tools that help my wife & I to fight more …

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Want to make labor easier? Exercise during pregnancy is the answer!

You're going to gain weight during pregnancy, it's inevitable, but you can exercise to help keep you in shape, make labor easier and avoid packing on too many pounds. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise during pregnancy can help to ease or even prevent back pain as well as other discomforts you're bound to experience, boost your mood and energy levels, help you sleep better, increase your stamina and muscle strength and prevent excess weight gain. In addition to these …

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Molly Sims Attends Book Release Party in Beverly Hills

Molly Sims was all smiles as she left the book release party for Dr. Michele Hakakha’s 3rd Edition Book: Expecting 411 on Sunday.The mama-to-be was beautiful in a full length floral dress and gladiator sandals.   Molly was joined at the event by Kerry Washington, Vanessa Lachey and Rachel Zoe.She shared a photo of the group on Instagram along with a note, “Love celebrating my Ob/Gyn Dr Michelle Hakakha’s book @Expecting411 @baby411 #Womensday @dr_mumu #greatbook @RachelZoe …

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Why your baby’s worth the wait

Oh, to live in a world where we could control every variable to our liking! From choosing our future child's gender to cherry-picking his or her genetic makeup, the idea of deciding so much of our lives seems a bit more science fiction than reality. That is, except where the actual delivery is concerned.For decades, women and their doctors have been deciding when to birth their babies. Whether to fit within a busy schedule, stave off extra weight gain or escape the last treacherous weeks …

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How to have a Baby & Still have Sex – 5 Keys

Babies can devastate your sex life and if you aren't careful, destroy your relationship. Here are 5 Keys to thriving in this tough time. The birth of my child was mind-blowing, but my sex life took a big hit. Sex is our way to play, to be close, to feel wanted and loved. Having those moments of connection makes the inherently difficult moments of parenting a lot more manageable. But having a baby almost always means a drastically reduced sex life. If this isn't directly managed, it can be …

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Why high blood pressure in pregnancy matters

At each prenatal appointment, you'll notice the nurse taking and recording your blood pressure. Throughout your pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will monitor your pressure, making sure the top and bottom numbers don't rise above 140 and 90 respectively.What's all the fuss?Whether you had high blood pressure prior to conceiving, or it's cropped up now that you're pregnant, your health care provider will want to keep it in check. Allowing your blood pressure to go …

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