C-sections linked to chronic disease in kids

As if anyone would hope to end up on the operating table during childbirth, now there's another compelling reason to avoid an unnecessary Cesarean section: Children born by this surgical procedure may suffer from chronic health conditions as a result.While no one's arguing that a C-section can be a lifesaving, medically necessary procedure, there's growing concern among the medical community that going under the knife isn't always warranted. Whether performed out of habit, convenience or a …

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7 tips for recovery from a C-Section

I recently wrote about my unplanned C-section recently on here, and today I wanted to share a few tips on how I had a good recovery from the surgery. Remember – your body is recovering from major surgery, as well as adjusting to caring for a newborn, so have realistic expectations! It will take a week or two to feel some semblance of normalcy.1. Stay on top of your medsFor me, it was most important that I took the pain medications that were prescribed to me as routinely as possible. …

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An Unplanned C-Section

The birth of your child is extremely personal and unique- and yet, somehow, very much the same.The CDC says that in 2013, Cesarean sections accounted for 32.7% of all births in the United States. That’s a lot- approximately 1.2 million, give or take.Talk to any mom, seasoned or rookie, and at some point they’ll probably tell you how birth plans never go the way you expect. And even if you don’t have a specific birth plan, it will probably not go how you’re thinking it …

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Big Day hospital packing list (graphic)

You can find lists of literally dozens of things to bring to the hospital. But if you only have two hands and one bag, here is our list of the essentials for your short hospital stay.

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Is Home Birth Ever a Safe Choice?

Though the proportion of pregnant women who choose to give birth at home in the United States is still very small — about 1 percent — the number is higher than at any time in 25 years. Britain recently rewrote its national health guidelines to encourage home births for women with low-risk pregnancies.Should the United States follow suit? Is it ever safe to have a home birth?If you're pondering a home birth, here is a good article on the pros and cons of home birth.Read more: Is …

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C-sections: A crash course

No matter how much you prepare for labor and delivery, there's always a chance things won't go exactly as planned. While you may have your sights set on a vaginal delivery, there are countless reasons why your health care provider may call for a cesarean - or as it's more commonly called, a c-section. Maybe labor has stalled and your contractions have petered out, or perhaps your little one is malpositioned and won't fit through the pelvis. Whatever the case may be, …

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How to deal with watching your child’s birth

Don’t Pass Out—You’ll Never Live It Down A first-time dad takes steps to make sure witnessing his child’s birth doesn’t turn him into a big baby In these last days of my wife’s pregnancy, I’ve become a kind of monk of maternity. My wife and I are preparing for a home birth, and as much as that carries its own unique set of worries and fears, I’ve come to embrace the idea that a pregnancy—whether it involves a casual cruise t o the hospital for a planned C-section or the …

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Rush Hour

By Corinne GarciaBecause labor rarely happens as you imagine, doctors recommend having a flexible birth plan. But not making it to the hospital? Well, even though it’s extremely rare, pregnant women have faced the daunting task of having their baby on the way there.Take Christina Liceaga, of New York City, who was intent on laboring at home, knowing the hospital was a short distance from her apartment. Because her previous two deliveries had been induced, this time she was determined …

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The New Labor Laws

By Aviva PatzYou wouldn’t dream of driving without a seat belt or skipping sunscreen at the beach. So why would you settle for anything less than the most up-to-the-minute facts about labor and delivery—the event that will bring your child into this world and change your life forever?“We’re finally stepping up this century to help women give birth with modern information,” says California-based labor nurse Sarah McMoyler, R.N., author of The Best Birth. “The more that …

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Buddy Up

By Gina Roberts-GreyYou know exactly what you want to pack in your birthing bag, but do you know who you want carrying it into L&D for you? These days, many moms are taking doulas and midwives into labor and delivery rooms. They’re also bring their mothers, sisters, best friends, and even their own fathers with them. And this isn’t something new. Ancient Malaysians and Indonesians gathered all the mothers in the family or community around a woman in labor, while Navajos would often …

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