I Need To Get Out More

I promised myself before I had children that I would never be one of “those mothers.” The kind that lets herself go entirely, stops having sex with her husband and generally becomes a shuffling, sweatpants wearing, minivan driving bore.But as I listened to the following lyrics to the Arctic …

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Keeping It Cool In the Blogosphere

There is almost nothing that gets a group of mothers more heated than issues surrounding our children. One feels breast is best, the other hearts formula and there goes the friendship.Women are always our own worst enemies, but never is this more evident than on Mommy listserves and in the …

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Friendly Mamas?

I have never been one to hang onto a friendship that is not working. Life is way too short.When I was pregnant with my first, one friend had become a bit of a psychic drag or, as my husband describes, “she was the least together person I’ve ever met who thinks she has it all figured …

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New Year, Fresh Slate

Rob and I are not the best adults.In addition to a myriad of professional and family obligations, we also have a vast number of personal interests that often keep us from our real responsibilities. Most of the time, I let a one hour run trump just about anything else in my life, including …

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Rocking the Tree, Indeed

This past month, a very surprising thing happened. I am not sure if it was the cookie baking, the Pandora Christmas Carol mix or the fun my daughter had when we trimmed our little tree (our first in our six years of marriage and two years of cohabitation before that), but somewhere along the way, I …

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The Schedule Myth

Everyone promises that once we have a “schedule” all will fall into place.It sounds so nice: 8-10:we play 10-2: we nap 2-5: we do an outing 5-7: we play and eat 7-8: we get ready for bed 8-8: we sleep.Wouldn’t that be nice?The reality is often much blurrier: 8-12: scurry …

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Nursing Activities

After my first baby was born, I spent a lot of time nursing in front of the TV. With a second, it is not as easy. And since many of us ladies are masters of the multi-task, I have devised a top 10 list of the things you thought you could not do, but actually can while nursing list. I have …

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Nightmares in Sleep Training

In the past couple of months, I have come to the realization that to be good mother (actually, to be a generally good human) I need to sleep. Period.I know the newborn time is the time when we need to let go of some of our own needs to serve the greater good—meaning my infant’s needs trump …

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Catching Up

My husband is the kind of father who rushes home from work at 5 to spend as much time with his children as he can.He bathes our daughter, puts her to bed every night, reads her dozens of books everyday and takes her on special outings to the grocery and hardware stores.I realize his …

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Daddy Dearest

Lately it seems like every mother I know is having issues with her husband and shared responsibility.Even I, who have always been entirely 50/50 with my husband have seen some big changes since our son was born.With our daughter, my husband was an equal partner--I swear he changed more of …

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