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I remember shopping for my first nursing bra and being completely overwhelmed by my choices. With the different styles, materials and clasps, it was hard to figure out what exactly made a good nursing bra. Now that my daughter is almost eight months old and I’ve lived in nursing bras since she was born, I have a much better idea and can certainly appreciate when a good one comes along.

So, how do Glamourmom’s Nursing Bra Long Top and Mpress Microfiber Lace Nursing Bra measure up? Is it strong enough an endorsement to say that I wore their Nursing Bra Long Top for 24 hours straight the first time I put it on?

The Long Top is the best piece of new mom clothing that I have worn. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it makes nursing my daughter simple and is stylish as well. It’s a tank style top that extends down to mid-thigh. The material is stretchy so that it looks great both right after birth and as you begin to shed your post-partum belly. It’s soft and holds up very well in the wash. As an added bonus, Glamourmom states that it strives to harvest and produce its cotton with the environment in mind.

The bra itself has plenty of support and has three layers – one for the exterior, another mesh layer that helps hold nursing pads in place and a third that continues to provide support while you’re nursing. The bra straps are easily adjustable and are nice and wide to keep from cutting into your shoulders. The bra clasps are simple to use with one hand – a definite must with a nursing bra. Based on the manufacturer’s suggestion that the Long Top is great for sleeping, I wore it as a pajama top as well (thus, my wearing it for 24 hours straight!) and had the best night’s sleep. I’ve never been a fan of wearing a bra to sleep and have been waiting for the day I stop nursing to be able to end this practice, but now that I have the long top as an alternative, I’m so much happier! Even lying in the horizontal position, this bra top keeps everything in place and makes nursing at night a breeze.

The Glamourmom Mpress Microfiber Lace Nursing Bra is also a very good bra. It has padded cups, which are thick enough to keep engorged nipples discreet while not being so thick that they get in the way while nursing. The straps and band can be easily adjusted to get a customized fit and be flexible for a new mom’s changing needs. The lace on the inner bra is a nice touch that helps add style to a very functional bra. The one minor downside is that the edges of the bra cups tended to curl a bit after a couple washes – a phenomenon I’ve experienced with many bras. However, the curl doesn’t seem to be too severe and doesn’t tend to show through many shirts. Overall, I’m very happy with the Glamourmom bras. They function great for nursing and, more importantly, are amazingly comfortable.

In addition to the Nursing Bra Long Top and the Mpress Microfiber Lace Nursing Bra, Glamourmom has a number of styles available, including a transition nursing bra, a bra dress, sleepwear, a swim suit and a tummy control tank. Based on my experience, these are all worth checking out.


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